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Tuesday evening random live thread

It's a Tuesday night...why not hang out with some Dolphins fans?

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to our Tuesday Phinsider random live thread, where the comments are made up and the recs don't matter. Okay, they do, but it sounded good. Our random live threads are exactly that - a live chat about any random topics. Where as during a normal thread here on the Phinsider, we try to keep the discussion on topic, during the random live thread, it's completely open to whatever you want to discuss.

Within reason of course. Keep the discussion pretty well PG. No questionable pictures. No political or religious talk. All that kind of stuff. Otherwise, have fun and talk about whatever you want.

Since these are normally James' things, it's a little off dor me to be posting the live threads. but, as we all know, he is in the hospital following surgery. I will do one thing to keep with James' tradition. Time to cue to the music: