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Dolphins at Panthers: Is Miami ready to dominate?

The Miami Dolphins face the Carolina Panthers on Saturday night. Is Miami poised to dominate?

Chris Trotman/Getty Images

the 2015 NFL Preseason continues tonight, including the Miami Dolphins playing their second game of the exhibition season, this time facing the Carolina Panthers. After two joint practices together, the two clubs will kick off tonight at 7pm ET, and it appears the Dolphins' first team could be set to dominate the Panthers.


Here's a reason:

Yeah, the Panthers apparently could not run their offense because of the Miami defensive line, so they asked the players to stop trying. According to our own Chris Early, who was at the joint practices, the Dolphins' defensive line turned the 11-on-11 drill into something similar to a 7-on-7 drill, with the line simply taking two or three steps then stopping after each snap.

That was not enough to convince you of the dominance that could happen tonight? Well, how about this ridiculous play by Jarvis Landry during the joint practices:

A video posted by Jarvis Landry (@v.royalty.s) on

Yeah, he went around the back....with a football....while running at two defenders...and made it look like a normal play. (Plus, he posted it in slow motion on his Instagram account.)

Maybe the Dolphins will dominate the Panthers tonight. Maybe they won't. Whatever actually happens, the Dolphins do appear to be ready to take the game to the Panthers and show what the first team offense and defense can really do this year.