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Phinsider Mailbag: Could a Dolphins single season record fall this year?

The Phinsider Mailbag returns, answering some of your burning Miami Dolphins questions.

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We open up the Phinsider Mailbag for the first time in a while. We answer some of your Miami Dolphins questions, predicting potential Pro Bowlers, and projecting a Dolphins single season record to fall this year. Read on for your questions and our answers.

I think Evan Matthews continues to be an option right up until he signs somewhere else, but I am not sure he is a need any more. Dallas Thomas and Billy Turner appear to be capable enough to hold down the interior positions. They may not be Pro Bowl players like Mathis, but the Dolphins do not need to get Pro Bowl play out of the guards, they need to get solid play. Mathis is going to be very expensive, which is why he has not signed anywhere yet, and the Dolphins do not seem to want to pay that number.

I think the interest is still there, from both sides. I do not think the Dolphins are going to overpay for Mathis. At the end of the day, I do not see Mathis landing in Miami. This week's game may change that, but, for now, I do not think starting Thomas and Turner necessarily will result in needing a funeral pyre either.

I think Jarvis Landry leads the team in receptions this year, and I think he does it to a tune of a franchise single-season record. As a rookie, Landry had 84 receptions, just six off the team's top season mark from O.J. McDuffie's 1998 performance. That should fall this year.

None of that means Jennings is not able to do things for Miami this year. It would not be surprising if he actually finished the year with the most yardage for the team, but Landry should end up with more receptions.

Let us take a guess. Ndamukong Suh is a given, and Cameron Wake should be headed back to the all-star game as well. Probably Brent Grimes. Assuming he stays healthy, Branden Albert could be there, along with Mike Pouncey. That's five players already.

Some other potential Dolphins Pro Bowl selections could be Ryan Tannehill, Landry, Reshad Jones, and Brandon Fields. I do not see the Dolphins getting nine players into the game, but some combination of the players could see Miami have seven players representing the team in Hawaii.

My guess is six, though I could see the team only keeping five to make a space for somewhere else on the roster. Landry, Jennings, Kenny Stills, DeVante Parker, and, Rishard Matthews should all find themselves safely on the roster. Michael Preston has a shot to become the sixth, based on his early training camp performances, but he may need to impress against the Carolina Panthers to lock in that spot.

Matt Hazel, LaRon Byrd, Christion Jones, Damarr Aultman, Cobi Hamilton, and Tyler McDonald all need a noteworthy performance to surpass Preston and earn a spot. More than likely, some of them are headed to the practice squad.

There are actually about 47 different species of swallow that inhabit Africa. Assuming that different species of swallow have similar air speeds, the African swallow should have an air speed in the 24-25 miles per hour range.

Of course, that is assuming that it is an unladen swallow.

And that you actually successfully, and correctly, answer your name and your quest in the troll's first two questions.

Good question, and probably not one that can be answered yet. McCain may not even make the roster, he may be a practice squad player, or he could end up being in the rotation at cornerback. This week's game against the Panthers may be an important one for him.  He probably is in a fight with Zack Bowman and Tony Lippett for the bottom of the depth chart at cornerback, but I would not be surprised if he did see playing time.


Thank you to everyone who submitted questions for this week. If you want to send us a question, hit us up on Twitter @ThePhinsider, and use the hashtag #PhinsiderMailbag.