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Patriots 'smell toxic' when Mr. Sketch markers are used

Using Mr. Sketch scented markers, SB Nation reconstructed the logo of every NFL team for a completely scientific study of the essence of each organization. The results were mixed, but one thing is clear: the Patriots do not smell good.

"This one smells a little bit toxic."

"I feel like I would not like the NFL team associated with this smell."

Sounds like perfect ways to describe the odor that emanates from the New England Patriots. Or, at least, the Patriots' logo when it is constructed using Mr. Sketch scented markers.

SB Nation spent some time recently (don't ask me why, but it is funny) creating the logos of the NFL teams using the favorite markers of kids. Then, they asked blindfolded people to describe the smell of said logos. While not all of the teams (ahem, Miami Dolphins) made the cut for the above video, several did - like the Patriots.

Some teams came out of the "experiment" well - like the Green Bay Packers who are "very American, but like manly." Some didn't - like the "plastic-y and fake" Chicago Bears.

Then there are the Patriots.

You just have to watch.