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Dolphins to win Super Bowl within decade

Chat Sports identified four teams they anticipate will win a Super Bowl before the end of the decade. The Miami Dolphins were one of the four.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is entering the 2015 season, meaning there are five seasons remaining before the calendar rolls into the next decade (technically six, since decades and centuries should not start until the 1 year, since there was never a year 0, but we will not spin into that discussion). That leaves five more Super Bowls, starting with Super Bowl 50 after this seaso, that will need to be claimed. Chat Sports recently released their selection of four times who will win a Super Bowl by the end of the decade.

And would you look at that, the Miami Dolphins made the list.

We're Ryan Tannehill believers. The fourth-year pro is an emerging star haters or not, with a plummeting interception rate (down from 2.9% to 2.0% from 2013 to 2014) portending even bigger things going forward. There's also Ndamukong Suh. All hail the most fearsome pure pass rusher in the game. Suh will open up gaps a-plenty while forcing rushed throws for the team's talented secondary to gobble up. He's pure havoc. There's underrated talent everywhere on this roster. Tannehill's the next breakout star, your current scoffing or no. Miami may not hoist the Lombardi this year, but they'll do so by decade's end.

No argument. Seems like a pretty justifiable position, that the Dolphins are looking to catch and pass the New England Patriots at the top of the AFC East, and, if they can do that, they should position themselves to finally add a third Lombardi Trophy. Tannehill does appear poised to breakout this year, both from his own personal growth and from the work the team did to surround him with weapons that compliments his strengths.

The defense should be scary, with Suh coming up the middle and Cameron Wake and Olivier Vernon around the edges. Add in players like Brent Grimes and Reshad Jones in the secondary, and the Miami defense should be able to put last year's late season meltdown behind them.

Just for the record, the other teams selected by Chat Sports were the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Indianapolis Colts, and the Houston Texans. You can check out why they made those picks using the link above.