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Dolphins vs Bears replay: Lamar Miller's 27-yard run

Miami Dolphins running back Lamar Miller only carried the ball three times against the Chicago Bears. One of those went for 27 yards.

The Miami Dolphins starting offense, for the most part, only saw action in the first offensive series against the Chicago Bears in the two clubs' Preseason Week 1 meeting. It was a great one series, with the team overcoming multiple penalties to tack up 101 yards of offense and quarterback Ryan Tannehill connecting with wide receiver Jarvis Landry for a two-yard touchdown.

One play really stood out on the drive, a 27-yard gain from running back Lamar Miller.

Miller 27 yard run 1

The Dolphins spread out the Bears defense, who had five defensive backs on the field for the play. Tight end Jordan Cameron originally started the play spread out to the offense's right, then went into motion, lining up in an H-back position on the offense's left. Wide receiver Jarvis Landry was aligned wide right,  while Rishard Matthews was out left, and tight end Dion Sims was on the right end of the offensive line.

Everything about the play seems to indicate the Dolphins are going to run to the left. At the snap, all of the offensive linemen and Sims start to block that direction. Cameron moving to the left side of the line adds to the appearance of a run to that side. Landry slow-rolls his block of the cornerback on the right side of the play. The Bears defense reacts accordingly.

Miller 27 yard run 2

The Bears begin to chase to their right, assuming that's where Miller is heading. Cameron has started to pull all the way around the line, while Miller starts his run to his left before cutting back to follow Cameron.  Landry has lined up his block.

Miller 27 yard 2a

Switching the angle of the camera, the Dolphins have done a great job of sealing off the Bears, with Cameron set to make the key block that will allow Miller to cut back and get into the open field.

Miller 27 yard run 3

Cameron makes his block, which actually clears two Bears defenders and basically makes this play a success. As the Bears all begin to react to the run turning the other direction, Landry now begins to set up his block, which will turn the successful running play into a long running play.

Miller 27 yard run 3b

Switching angles again, you can see exactly how effective Cameron's block was, and how it cleared the way for Miller.

Miller 27 yard run 4

Now, the majority of the Bears defense is in chase mode. Miller cuts up-field and Landry blocks the one person remaining who could keep Miller from at least making a first down, if not more.

Miller 27 yard run 5

The chase is on, and it is pure speed now. Miller will get caught, but not until he has picked up 27 yards.

Miller 27 yard run 6

Miller gets caught by the one person who had a line on him. If this tackle was not made, Miller probably springs this run for a 54-yard touchdown.

Miller 27 yard run 7

Just in case you forgot who ran the ball for the Dolphins.