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Ryan Tannehill MVP odds among top 20 in league

Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill finds himself among the top 20 players in terms of odds to be the league MVP for 2015.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins are a dark horse team around the league to make some noise this season. We have all seen the franchise pop up in various Playoff, and even Super Bowl, predicitons, and it is not a place we are accustomed to seeing the Dolphins. How about this as a sign things might be finally turning around in South Florida?

Ryan Tannehill is among the top 20 players in terms of MVP odds for the 2015 season.

That's right. According to Bovada, Tannehill's 40/1 odds at being named the top player in the league in 2015 ties him for 20th. When you add in that there are nearly 1,700 players on the active rosters around the league when the regular season kicks off, that is really not a bad ranking. It is still a pretty long shot, but when was the last time you thought about a Dolphins player as a league MVP?

Could Tannehill have the type of season that sees him garner at least a spot among the MVP finalists?

The full breakdown of odds of the top 33 players (out to 50/1 odds) is:

Aaron Rodgers (5/1)
Andrew Luck (7/1)
Adrian Peterson (12/1)
J.J. Watt (12/1)
Peyton Manning (16/1)
Le'Veon Bell (20/1)
Tom Brady (20/1)
Drew Brees (20/1)
Jamaal Charles (20/1)
Ben Roethlisberger (20/1)
Russell Wilson (20/1)
Odell Beckham (25/1)
Dez Bryant (25/1)
Calvin Johnson (25/1)
Eddie Lacy (25/1)
Marshawn Lynch (25/1)
DeMarco Murray (25/1)
Tony Romo (25/1)
Philip Rivers (33/1)
Joe Flacco (40/1)
Matt Forte (40/1)
Eli Manning (40/1)
Matt Ryan (40/1)
Matthew Stafford (40/1)
Ryan Tannehill (40/1)
Sam Bradford (50/1)
Antonio Brown (50/1)
Jay Cutler (50/1)
Andy Dalton (50/1)
Julio Jones (50/1)
Colin Kaepernick (50/1)
Cam Newton (50/1)
Demaryius Thomas (50/1)