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Sheldon Richardson arrested for street racing

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New York Jets defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson was arrested for illegal street racing on I-64 today.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

New York Jets Sheldon Richardson was arrested today for allegedly street racing on Interstate 64 in Missouri. He was reportedly clocked in three different radar zones, reaching speeds of 122, 135, and 143 miles per hour.  He was charged with resisting arrest and various traffic violations.

According to Fox 2 in St. Louis, Richardson was identified by police as the driver of a 2014 Bentley. The vehicle had been speeding on the highway and, when police attempted to make a traffic stop, sped away, exited the highway, ran a red light, and turned off the lights as it pulled into a driveway. Police were still able to identify the vehicle.

There were two men and a 12-year-old in the car, along with Richardson. A handgun was found under the driver's seat, and police indicated everyone in the car smelled like marijuana.

Richardson will have to appear in court in St. Charles County, Missouri, in October.

[UPDATE: The arrest happened on July 14. The charges were finalized today.]