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Miami Dolphins Unveil Throwback Jerseys

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Miami Dolphins Throwbacks are unveiled and they are AWESOME.

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So Clean.
So Clean.
Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins took to social media today and unveiled a first look at the throwback uniforms that they will be wearing on December 14th, 2015.. otherwise known as Monday Night Football. No doubt the atmosphere will be electric and people will be tuned in to see Miami's new look. When the first talk of a throwback uniform was introduced I was hoping for a white throwback similar to the ones we wore in a 2003 Thanksgiving thumping of the Cowboys in Dallas. However, Miami released the uniform which they referred to as "a modern day homage to the original uniform that we wore in our first game on September 2, 1966". They knocked this one out the park. The uniforms are bright as they are clean and the bold stripes and original logo is as sharp ever. No matter what happens on Monday Night Football, atleast we'll look good.

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