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We have over 16,000 members on this site - but only 4,000 likes on Facebook. Something doesn't seem right about that. Help make us one of the top Facebook sites in the SB Nation NFL blogs. Like the page - and stay current on all of our posts - by clicking here. Consider it your #FollowFriday support.

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The Phinsider is one of the best places to get Miami Dolphins news - even if we do say so ourselves. So, why haven't you liked us on Facebook? Yes, you. I know it's you. You see, we have over 16,000 members, but only 4,000 likes on Facebook. That just doesn't make sense. Don't you want to keep up with our posts? Why not do it the easy way by just liking the Facebook page and getting our posts straight to your wall?

I'll make it really easy....


See? Easy.

You want it even easier? I can do that too...

There, that wasn't too bad, was it. And, I can promise you will like it during the season. We work hard to update and highlight everything that happens in game as fast as we can on the Facebook site. It will be good.

The Niners Nation Facebook page just hit 100,000 likes. We are at 4,000. We can do better.

Help us, Phinsider Reader, you're our only hope.