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Dolphins rookie Cedric Thompson's 'Impactful Encounter'

Miami Dolphins rookie safety Cedric Thompson begins a personal blog with a look at a meeting he had with a homeless man.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

The countdown to training camp is heading into the final few days, with players and coaches enjoying their last moments of personal time before the 2015 season takes control. Players are doing different things during this time of year, including family vacations, running football camps for kids, or simply enjoying their down time. Miami Dolphins rookie safety Cedric Thompson had an encounter that reminded him "everybody needs a helping hand every now and then."

Thompson, a fifth-round draft pick for the Dolphins our of Minnesota, has started his own blog as a way to share, in his words, "what I'm thinking and how I'm feeling about various topics."  He wrote a post on Friday, detailing an encounter he had after leaving the Dolphins' training facility recently. (Full disclosure, I read this post on Friday, but chose to wait until today to post this so it did not get lost over the weekend because it is an interesting story.)

Thompson writes that he was at Publix after leaving the team facilities, when "a man in his late 30s/ early 40s comes up to me with a pair of jeans in his hand and starts telling me a whole crazy story." Thompson realized the man, who has been out of jail for five months after spending nine years locked up, was just hungry and was trying to find a way to get some a $5 chicken meal from Publix. Thompson took him back into the store and purchased a 20-piece meal for him, explaining, "When I handed him the food, he was just so thankful and appreciative...he had tears in his eyes. I could tell this man was seriously hungry."

Thompson then gave the man a ride to a McDonald's in the area, with the two talking during the trip. Reflecting on the experience, Thompson writes, "We tend to judge people by skin color or status or sex or power or how much money they make. If we can come to a point where we realize that none of these things matter as much as people think they do, then this world would be a much better place."

The entire story is worth the read, and demonstrates, that, whatever becomes of Thompson on the football field, the Dolphins at least selected a really good young man.

You can click the link above or right here for the whole blog post.