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Phinsider Radio Replay: Don't Mess with Dan

We bring you a replay of Thursday's Phinsider Radio episode.

We bring you a replay of last Thursday's Phinsider Radio live broadcast. Our host Keith Beebe and co-host Chris "Duke" Early discuss the latest Miami Dolphins news, as well as anything else that is happening around the NFL. This week, they tackle the idea that Dan Marino was not "good enough" to win a Super Bowl.

Phinsider Radio is a weekly podcast broadcast live on Blog Talk Radio. The show is held each Thursday night at 9pm Eastern. Join us to discuss the Dolphins, either in the live chat hosted here on The Phinsider, or by calling in to the show using the phone number posted in the live chat. Keith and Duke will take your questions, or any Dolphins topic you want to discuss, and give their unique outlook on where the team is headed, and what the Dolphins still need to do to get ready for the 2015 season.

You can check out the replay of Thursday's show below. You can also find the show on iTunes by searching for Phinsider.

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