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Phinsider Radio: You don't mess with the GOAT

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Join host Keith Beebe at 9 p.m. EST as he and co-host Duke chat with guests and callers about the Miami Dolphins. Tonight's discussion will focus on whether Dan Marino was good enough to win a Super Bowl (spoiler alert: of course he was), and what the Dolphins top priorities should be with training camp and the 2015 preseason rapidly approaching.

Phinsider Radio is brought to you by SB Nation's Miami Dolphins blog. Each week, The Phinsider crew will take a look at the week in Dolphins news and also take your calls.

You can tweet your questions to the host, @kmb8488, as well as leave them in the comment section below. To speak with us on the air, call the studio at (347) 326-9461.

If you miss the live show, you can find it on iTunes. Search for "Phinsider Podcast."

Click here to listen to the show.