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Matt Moore ranked in fourth group of backup quarterbacks by

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Miami Dolphins backup quarterback Matt Moore, normally considered among the top backups in the league, is ranked in the middle of the pack by

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins throw millions of dollars at quarterback Matt Moore with the hope, and expectation, that he will never play a game for them. They have done the same thing for the last three seasons, including last year when Moore accounted for a $5.5 million hit on the salary cap. The Dolphins continue to bring back Moore, knowing if anything should happen to starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill, Moore would be a capable option to come into the game, and, possibly, serve as a solid starter if Tannehill were to miss multiple games.

Moore is often considered among the best backup quarterbacks in the league, but's recent ranking of the 32 second-string passers seems to disagree. Tannehill's durability, where he has started all 48 games of his career, hurts Moore's ranking, which lands him as the 12th best backup, in the fourth category labeled "Serviceable stand-ins."

Marc Sessler writes about Moore's ranking, stating "Moore has been a ghost of late, playing just 38 snaps over the past two seasons behind Ryan Tannehill. His past starting experience is a plus."

Ahead of Moore on the list are players like number one ranked Mark Sanchez of the Philadelphia Eagles, number two Mike Glennon of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, number three Ryan Fitzpatrick of the New York Jets, and number four Jimmy Garoppolo of the New England Patriots. Ranked with Moore are Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Chase Dnaiel (11th), Shaun Hill from the Minnesota Vikings (13th), Matt Hasselbeck from the Indianapolis Colts (14th), Christian Ponder of the Oakland Raiders (15th), and Kellen Clemens from the San Diego Chargers (16th).

It feels like Moore should be ranked higher, but he is getting older and has not seen the field much lately. If Moore is required to take snaps this season, there are not many ahead of him on the list who fans would rather have. Moore is a veteran option for the Dolphins and understands the team's offense. Debating about the ranking of backup quarterbacks may be a clear indication of the down-period of the NFL calendar, but it does seem like Moore is not getting the respect he probably should in these rankings. Hopefully he will never see the field this year, and there is never a way to know exactly where he fits among the league's backup quarterbacks.