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Fantasy Football Tuesday: Dolphins three top offensive fantasy options in 2015

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The 2015 NFL season is not that far away. With football getting closer, Fantasy Football is also getting closer. We take a look today at the top three offensive fantasy options from the Miami Dolphins in 2015.

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The NFL season is slowly (S-L-O-W-L-Y) ticking toward us, with teams beginning to open training camps in the next two weeks. The regular season begins in just eight weeks. As the NFL season gets closer, fantasy football season also starts creeping up on us. To get ready for the season, and throughout the 2015 schedule, we will bring you "Fantasy Football Tuesday," a look at some aspect of fantasy football tied, of course, to the Miami Dolphins. This week, we will begin with a look at the top three players on the Dolphins' offense, in terms of likely fantasy impact.

Lamar Miller

Running back Lamar Miller should hold on to his starting role for the Dolphins, despite the team drafting Jay Ajayi this offseason. Miller topped 1,000 yards last year on just 216 carries, giving him the second highest yards-per-carry average among 1,000 yard rushers in 2014. Miami should have a more open passing game this year as the team rebuilt the wide receiving corps this offseason, and Miller will likely be the beneficiary. The Dolphins had a habit of shying away from the running game in the second half of games last year, in part as an effort to keep Miller fresh - especially after Knowshon Moreno's injuries. This year, Ajayi should be able to spell Miller more often, allowing him to get more touches and increase those stats.

Projected Draft position: Third round; potentially late second

Jarvis Landry

Wide receiver Jarvis Landry comes into his second season as the most tenured member of the starting wide receivers group on the team. He proved last year he was capable of catching just about anything thrown his direction, and it paid of as he set a franchise rookie record with 84 receptions. He has chemistry with quarterback Ryan Tannehill and the two should continue to connect throughout the season, and Landry will probably be in position to make a run at the team's 90 reception season record. Landry will be a big producer in PPR leagues, maybe more so than in standard scoring leagues, but could be Tannehill's favorite target this year, so he will be a good source for a second or third wide receiver in any league.

Projected Draft position: Fourth or fifth round

Ryan Tannehill

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill is poised to continue thr growth that saw him reach 4,000 passing yards - the only Dolphins quarterback not named Dan Marino to reach the mark - with 27 touchdowns to just 12 interceptions. The changes to the wide receiver corps should add weapons to Tannehill's arsenal. Rookie wide receiver DeVante Parker appears to be a future number one wide receiver, while veteran Greg Jennings will be able to mentor him. The team added Kenny Stills to provide a deep threat, replacing Mike Wallace, and Landry should be even better after a year of experience in the NFL. Miller has proven himself worthy of the starter position while Ajayi should give the team the power running option it was missing last year. All of that should equal an even better year from Tannehill as he enters his fourth season in the league. Fantasy players are going to look at Tannehill as a servicaeble backup/QB2 player, but, if his trajectory continues, he could move into the backend of the QB1 options this year.

Projected Draft position: Sixth to eighth round, depending on when the QB run happens