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NFL Supplemental Draft schedule: July 9

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The NFL has scheduled the Supplemental Draft for next week.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has announced the annual Supplemental Draft will be held July 8. Currently, four players have announced their intention to enter the silent auction style draft: Clemson offensive tackle Isaiah Battle, West Georgia defensive linemen Dalvon Stuckey and Darrius Caldwell, and North Carolina Central wide receiver Adrian Wilkins. The NFL typically releases the full list if eligible players in the days leading up to the annual summer event.

The Supplemental Draft is different than the regular NFL Draft in that the teams do not meet in one location, and it is not a live event. If a team wants to select a player, they submit a bid indicating in which round they would make the pick. The NFL then awards the player to the team that submitted the earliest pick, with teams bidding in the same round tie-broken through a draft order similar to the regular Draft's selection order. If a team is awarded a player, they then lose a draft choice from the next year's regular Draft from the round in which the supplmental pick was made.

The last supplemental pick was the Cleveland Browns' 2012 selection of wide receiver Josh Gordon. The Supplemental Draft is typically a non-news event, with any players eligible simply becoming free agents after not being selected. This year, however, Battle is expected to draw enough attention that teams could make bids for his services.

All four players are expected to hold Pro Day events before the draft, attempting to showcase themselves to potential NFL teams. North Carolina Central held a Pro Day for Wilkins today, while West Georgia is scheduled to hold their showcase of Stuckey and Caldwell on July 8. Clemson and Battle have not announced a schedule Pro Day.