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Poll: The Dolphins rookie you're least excited to see

We know the 2015 Miami Dolphins rookies you're most excited to see, but what about the ones you're, well, a little meh about? We want to know about the rookie you're least excited to watch this fall.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The problem when a team compiles an impressive draft class (on paper anyway) is that one prospect is typically overshadowed by his fellow classmates. Maybe that player was a soft selection in an otherwise incredible sequence of draft picks; maybe he's a small-school player who declared with little-to-no fanfare; maybe he's simply a late-round selection. Whatever the reason, you can find the aforementioned player in just about every draft class ever assembled. This year's Miami Dolphins draft class isn't any different, as it mixes some much-hyped prospects (Louisville wide receiver DeVante Parker, Oklahoma defensive tackle Jordan Phillips) with some lesser-known guys (Memphis cornerback Bobby McCain, Minnesota safety Cedric Thompson). But while Miami's early-round selections should command the lion's share of attention this upcoming season, that's not to say the Dolphins' later-round picks will go unheard from this fall (we're looking at you, Jamil Douglas).

All of that said, we want to know the Dolphins 2015 draft selection you're least excited to see in action this season.