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Poll: The non-Parker rookie you're most excited to see in 2015

Everyone knows that the Miami Dolphins' 2015 draft class was built around Louisville wide receiver DeVante Parker. However, he's not the only Dolphins rookie expected to do great things this season. Which non-Parker rookie are you most excited to see this upcoming season?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins put an immediate stamp on the 2015 NFL Draft when they selected Louisville wide receiver DeVante Parker at No. 14 overall. Big-time wide receiver to pair with a young, franchise quarterback? Check. A player who can take a ton of heat off Miami's new-and-improved receiver corps? You bet.

The aforementioned perks Parker brings to the Dolphins makes him a no-brainer answer to the question of which player Dolphins fans are most excited to see this upcoming season. However, rarely, if ever, does one player make a strong draft class. Instead, the Dolphins this spring drafted several exciting prospects who should make sizable contributions to the team sooner than later.

With that latter point in mind, we want to know the non-Parker rookie you're most excited to watch this fall. Is it supersized defensive tackle/clogger Jordan Phillips? How about guard Jamil Douglas? Perhaps you love fifth-round selection Jay Ajayi or sleeper extraordinaire Tony Lippett?