The Fifth Dimension-A look at a secretly special Round in the Dolphins draft

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Make no mistake. This post initially started out as a look into one guy. Over a discussion post, James recommended that I do a post on a player comparison between Tony Lippett, and whom I project him to remind me of (a quieter version of Richard Sherman), I set onto my goal, and amid research, began writing the post. Then, right in the middle, an inspiration hit for another fifth rounder comparison with Jay Ajayi. So I started writing not one, but two posts at the same time.

My ADHD riddled mind was not happy with just two though, and I realized there was yet another player drafted in the fifth round that some have already projected as the next Brent Grimes (Bobby McCain if there was any doubt). So there we are at three. So three out of four profiles (At this point, I think to myself this is going to be a busy week).

Then reports from the rookie symposium come out. Cedric Thompson pretty much wrote a letter to the fans about his experience, and opened a window to his soul in which we could see a bit of the struggle it took for him to get to where he is, and a single promise to work hard to get better.

Keep in mind, before the draft, only Ajayi was on my mind, I wanted him. Willed him to be drafted by our franchise in the second round (We got him in the fifth to my surprise and excitement). But the more I read up about the guys surrounding the Ajayi pick, the more I learned about how happy I am that we have a competent set of people in the front office. Here is a look at what I find to be 4 special guys that we never knew existed before the draft. Well 3, if you did not live under a rock, and knew Ajayi.

Bobby McCain

Already being touted as the next Brent Grimes based on his skill-set and stature, there is a lot to like about this kid. He is fast, he is explosive, and he wants to finish every int by putting points on the board. Does he need some refinement? Sure. However, I think he will come along with the help of both Grimes and our defensive coordinator. He may not be a starter year one, but given a second year, I think he will be every bit as special as Brent Grimes.

Jay Ajayi

Not much needs to be said about this guy, however he reminds me of a young Ricky Williams without the drug problem. Make no mistake, he will have his own demons to overcome thanks to the reason his draft stock plummeted, but in the end, it will be his catalyst, not his crutch.

Cedric Thompson

There is a lot to dislike about this guys tape. Even his own words speak for themselves when he stated to a reporter that he did not think the Dolphins would have drafted him had they not met him. He then went on about his life, and explained how much he is learning at the rookie symposium. One thing that gives me hope is that the Dolphins are known for finding hidden studs at Safety in the fifth round. IHOP sells breakfasts, it is what they do. News reporters report news, it is what they do. Miami Dolphins find sleeper safeties in the fifth round, it is what they do. Guy is sharp, and will put the work in. This I know.

Tony Lippett

At last, our young start up of this post. The initial reason I even started writing this thing. A lot of pundits think if he can learn to transition from Wide Receiver to Corner, he can be a gem. Well this is not the case. The truth is, if he can just remember how it was to play corner, use his days at Quarterback to pick the minds of opposing offenses, and his days at Wide Receiver to think like a Wide Receiver, this guy could be the next Richard Sherman. Whom shares a lot of history with our newly drafted corner. Both are 6'3". They are eerily similar in combine stats. Both were drafted in the fifth round. Both were also successful on offense, and last but not least, both have the ability to lead at their position. High praise for a fifth round rookie, but then again, not many were looking at him with their blinders off.

There you have it. Brief looks at all four fifth rounders that I think will be part of what I could call one of the best rounds in Dolphins history. Yeah I said it. Questions? Comments? Please feel free.

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