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Miami Dolphins Head Coach Joe Philbin Press Conference From Monday

Miami Dolphins Head Coach Joe Philbin Press Conference From Monday

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Opening statement - "Just a couple of quick things. Caleb Sturgis is going to be out for the remainder of the OTAs with a leg injury. Today I think you probably noticed we spent a lot of time in the red zone today. It's an area that we, as we watched our cut ups from 2014 it's an area we've really got to improve upon. You know offensively we got down there a bunch but we've got to score more touchdowns and defensively we kind of finished in the middle of the pack in terms of efficiency down there. So that's one area that we, today we did just a third down red zone period, all third down plays. Probably something we haven't done the first couple of years so just want to make an emphasis of it and a point of so I thought we had a lot of good work today."

On K Caleb Sturgis' injury and how it impacts his position - "We'll see how things go. Day to day we'll take it. But he's not going to be kicking this OTAs."

On if he'll be out for mini-camp - "I think the rest of this spring."

On CB Tony Lippett and his performance today with three interceptions - "As you guys know he doesn't have a ton of position experience there in games but he seems to be a guy that's learned the system pretty well. Every rep that he gets is extremely valuable at this stage of his development. So it was good to see him. I caught a couple of them. I was bouncing back and forth and went up and high pointed one of the balls and it was in the right place and the right time. I felt today was good. We'll take a closer look at the tape there in a little bit."

On what stands out about the defensive line right now - "I think Terrell Williams has done a really nice job so far getting the practice tempo with those guys. I think that's been very good. It's a competitive group. I mean we've got some guys that are athletic that compete hard and they like football. It's early but I think they've shown themselves pretty well."

On DT Ndamukong Suh's presence benefiting LB Koa Misi - "Well again it depends exactly what type of run schemes we're playing against but I think one of the things that would come to mind is if teams are involved in double teaming Ndamukong Suh then sometimes what can happen is that they either hang on the double team a little bit longer based on his ability to penetrate which may free somebody up. But again we're going to have to wait and see based on the different types of blocking schemes that we get."

On how TE Jordan Cameron is fitting in so far - "It's been good. He's a guy that's been here every day, been working extremely hard. He seems to be a bright guy. He's caught on to the system well. So far the chemistry obviously we're still building that day, to day, to day. But you know I really like the ways he's fit into the offense so far."

On if there is any extra emphasis on attacking and ball hawking the football this year - "Yeah definitely. I mean one of the things we showed to the team the first day of OTA practice was our turnover ratio over a three year period and while the trend is positive, we're moving it in the right direction we've got to accelerate it more and part of the way of doing that is you can get your hands on the football. You've got to make those plays when they present themselves. So that's something that's going to be big emphasis from now until the season ends."

On C Sam Brenner and OL Jamil Douglas getting reps at guard today - "I think you guys know it's the challenge to get a great assessment on offensive line and defensive line play in this phase of practice. But they're both guys that seem, Jamil we're just getting to know a little bit and he's, again, he's a guy that's picked up the system well and he's competitive and Sam Brenner's been with us for a couple of years, so we're just kind of looking at different combinations. We don't really have a first team, second team. We're just getting guys in. Really it's about opportunities and some of the things that we are doing, the way we have practice structured is about exposing the players to different concepts and different schemes and we'll kind of worry about the pieces and where everybody fits it at a later time."

On simplifying the defense and if that process has already started or if it starts in training camp - "It started as the staff has put together the plan for OTAs. As I think I mentioned at the Owner's Meetings, some of it is the multiplicity of different groupings and different packages. So far, I think we've trimmed that down a little bit and then it's the volume within each concept because how can you get the guys repetitions. Everything is really starting now. Even the way we rotate people to get them exposure to different coverages for example, young players, we want Tony Lippett and Bobby McCain to get a sense of hey, some of our fire zone coverages, some of our cloud coverages, some of our man coverages. We're looking to expose these guys to different things, to find out more about them and what they do well, but at the same time, trying to keep the focus narrow."

On what was behind the decision to move LB Chris McCain to linebacker and have him working with the first unit - "He's been playing linebacker since he got here, he's been in that room. On third down, in different situations, we've used him as a defensive end, but it's not foreign that he's playing linebacker. Again, he's a young guy, he's a gut that benefits from every repetition he gets out there. I think he's shown himself pretty well so far, as you mentioned, it's very early and we're just getting guys in and getting them reps."

On if he would recommend DT A.J. Francis, who also drives for Uber, to anybody in need of a ride - "I would, but I would suggest that they bring some ear plugs along for the ride. Definitely."

On what his thoughts are of guys getting off-season jobs outside of football - "I think it's good. I do. I think it's good. Sometimes, we all have to earn our stripes and work our way up. A lot of us, I'm sure a lot of you guys have stories of how you've made sacrifices to get to where you got in your career, some of the days at Alleghany College and the United States Merchant Marine Academy and so forth. I think it's good. I think it's good for those guys."

On if he would ever become an Uber driver on the side - "Possibly."

On if he's ever taken an Uber before - "Oh yeah. That I have. It's a very good service, outstanding. Not with A.J. Francis though."

On WR Jarvis Landry wanting to become known as a complete receiver, not solely a good slot receiver and if that is a possibility within this offense - "Sure. I think we saw a couple of reps today where he was on the outside, especially down here in the red zone, I remember we threw him one, a fade maybe. Again, part of it is, getting players in the right spots. We know a little bit more about Jarvis, we know a lot about him as a slot as you mentioned. Part of the OTAs, mandatory mini-camps, would be what are some of the things he can do well on the outside? I think teams that if you are going to line up and play us, you're going to be ready for him in the slot. But you may not quite be ready for him outside. So what are some of the things we can exploit, take advantage of based on his alignment? He's really worked hard. His route running fundamentals have looked really good."

On if Landry will be returning kicks again this year - "In kickoff returns, I want to say he was fifth or sixth in the league. He had very good production. This is something that again, a game decision based on who we're playing. What we're anticipating, what schemes we're using. Every play in football, all 161 of them are important. Special Teams, whoever gives us the best chance to win at every position and every situation, we have to consider."

On if it is a tough balance to put one of your top receivers in that position - "There are always pluses and minuses to everything we do. Every drill, if we do a third down red zone drill, are we giving enough time to first and second down. So there is always two sides to every decision we make, so we'll, at the appropriate time, make those."

On if CB Tony Lippett has been making plays like he did today since he arrived - "Not to the degree of today. Again, some of it we'll have to take a look at, is our quarterback reading the corner? How was the decision making of the quarterback? The fact of the matter is, he got his hands, he kept his hands on three footballs, that's a good thing no matter how you look at it."