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Miami Dolphins Breakout/Take It To The Next Level Player For 2015?

Miami Dolphins Breakout/Take It To The Next Level Player For 2015?

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Who is your predicted breakout player for the 2015 Miami Dolphins season? By breakout it could even mean a guy that takes his game to the next level and not just a guy that no one expected much from that becomes a legit starter or even an NFL star. Every season it seems as if someone on the team steps up and surprises us with their play. Who could it be this time around?

Will it be Cameron Wake, who while a known commodity and already considered a star in the league, have a truly over the top season with offenses having to now pay attention to the new beast in the middle, Ndamukong Suh? Will it be Ryan Tannehill who has improved each season since entering the league and has shown additional improvement in the off-season camps thus far? Every report this last week is that Tannehill has wowed everyone with the crispness of his passes, his timing and most especially the ability to hit his deep ball like never before. When even an Omar Kelly starts singing Tannehill's praises I think we might be on to something. Will it be some guy that is not on everyone's radar like a LaMichael James who put up huge numbers at Oregon but is now on his second NFL team in only 4 seasons?

My choice is a guy that got everyone's attention last season as a rookie but did not put up what anyone would consider spectacular numbers as a wide reciever, Jarvis Landry. Although his 84 receptions for 758 yards with 5 touchdowns was more than respectable for a rooking wide-out, I expect him to take his game to the next level this season. Thus far in the  off-season camps he has caught everything, even making some spectacular one handed catches. He is playing faster, reacting faster and just seeming to all around grasp the NFL game and Bill Lazor's offense better this off-season. A lot of that is expected from a guy coming in to his second season but he is also doing the little extra things. He's been staying after practice when everyone else has gone and working with the coaches and alone with the jugs machine. That's the sort of dedication that made a Jerry Rice the best wide reciever in NFL history. I am by NO means suggesting that he will be another Rice, only that its the sort of dedication to your craft that will make you a star.

Who is your choice for "breakout" player this season or the guy you think will take his game to the next level? Is it someone mentioned or someone that no one is really thinking about? Give us your thoughts and why below.