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Dolphins Trade Third Day Of Mini-Camp For Navy Seal Training

Dolphins Trade Third Day Of Mini-Camp For Navy Seal Training

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Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin announced on Tuesday that the third day of mandatory mini-camp practices had been canceled. At the time he stated that he was happy with the work that the team had done not only in that camp but what they had accomplished over the entire off season up to that point. This did not mean that the team was sent on their way back to their homes or to enjoy the rest of their off-season. Instead Joe had one more "team building" "exercise" in mind for the team.

Last season the Dolphins borrowed from the US Army and adopted their credo, with some slight changes. This season they continued with the military theme by replacing the third day of mini-camp practices with a day of full Navy Seal training. This team building exercise seems to have been more successful than the ill fated kick ball game that the team participated in earlier this month. That event saw kicker Caleb Sturgis get injured, possibly costing him his roster spot down the line.

The players, while they seemed to enjoy the workout also seemed to echo the idea that normal NFL workout's and practices might not be the hardest thing there is to do physically. Below are some of the coaches and players tweets about the experience.