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Miami Dolphins Head Coach Joe Philbin Talks To The Media 06/17/2015

Miami Dolphins Head Coach Joe Philbin Talks To The Media 06/17/2015

Alpha did what????
Alpha did what????
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Opening statement - "I just told the team I thought we had again a very good practice today. We spent a lot of time in the red zone. I think one of the things I feel best about the off-season program has been the situational work that we have done. And we all know, I think I talked about it the first day, we did the red zone; how important it's going to be for our success as a football team. Two minute - we got some of that work in today. So those situational things are going to be real critical as we move forward as a football team. That's probably the thing I'm - aside from the energy that the guys have brought, I think the vibe has been good on the practice field."

On what growth he has seen from Ryan Tannehill this off-season and where does he expect Tannehill to take the team in the next few months - "He's had a good off-season, he really has. He and I visited one on one a little bit yesterday and talked about some things. I think today you saw some really good things down in the red zone. Like I said, we spent a lot of time down there this off-season. We've worked on the chemistry between him and the receivers and conceptually we've added a couple things that are slightly different and then reinforced other things. I think it's been a productive off-season for him; I think he feels good about it. He's the type of guy that's going to continue working here in these five weeks leading up to training camp."

On what he feels the team does well after watching them this off-season - "I like the way on defense that we've - I know it's simple - but I like our pursuit on defense. I think with the way we've been running to the football. I think that in my mind if we now combine that with tackling that should eliminate some or limit some explosive plays. You can't and it's not realistic to say you're going to give up explosive plays in this league. But I think with the way we've emphasized pursuit, with the way we've emphasized taking the ball - like punching the ball, stripping the ball - hopefully that will again boost our takeaways. And then I would say on the offensive side of the ball, I think the red zone is really situation specific and we had a new offense last year. As a whole I think we feel better about our plan, our scheme, our utilization of people and our execution with where we are in the season."

On Mike Pouncey moving back to center and what he expects to see with the offensive line - "He's a very good athlete. And he's got good energy and game speed. So one of the things I think he does is - you guys watching practice just like I do - I think you can feel his energy, his quickness, his tempo on the football field. He's got some juice for the game. That's one of the things we're looking for him to bring to the offensive line in general. And I think as the center now, he's going to directing a lot more traffic than he did a year ago. He's done it before and he's done a good job of it. So I'm confident he's going to play well."

On how much more comfortable Koa Misi looked as a linebacker now than at this time last year - "I think he's definitely more comfortable. He's been able to be on the practice field every day and make strides and developed. I think he is understanding of adjustments and checks based on formation, coverage and the safety alignments and those types of things. I do think overall he feels much better."

On if he sees a scenario where Koa Misi is not the linebacker this season or that's what he expects - "Again, we really haven't gotten to that stage yet. I mean this was all about we've moved guys around and I think we'll continue to do some of that. We'll take a look when we meet again and see where we're at at the end of this off-season program. But training camp gives us an opportunity to again create some competition. We're all about getting the best guys on the field, whatever that combination may be."

On what he expects Jarvis Landry to do to take his game to the next level - "One thing is obviously take a little better care of the football in the return game; if in fact that is what's going to happen. We've talked about that. And consistency. He's been a guy that brings a lot of passion to the game. He's out here and I think he's had a very good off-season. So I just think it's a matter of consistency. I think we've utilized him in a little bit more formation-ally, we've moved him around so that should expand his game a little bit and give the defense a little more. Maybe not as much as a beat on where he's going to be every snap so I think that will help him too."

On how he would like to see the safeties impact the game - "Pre-snap they've got to do a great job communicating. Obviously that's number one, we've got to make sure we're coordinated on what particular side, who's coming down, who isn't, what side, what kind of concept of coverage we're playing. That can change, as we all know, prior to the snap of the football once the offense breaks the huddle. Communication pre-snap and we got to get solid tackling. We got to get some plays on the ball down on the field. Those are the primary things that we're looking for."

On how he would assess Arthur Lynch's work during OTAs and mini-camp - "It's been good to have him. We really didn't get a great exposure to him last year. And I'm sure it's frustrating for him not to be able to get out there in practice. But I think both offensively he's catching on to the system better and special teams he's done a good job as well."

On Chris McCain and his development from last season to now - "With a young player, you're looking for progress. You're looking for maybe a better understanding of the assignments and responsibilities within the defense, which should enable you to have better play speed. The big thing we've been talking to him about is play speed. And as a young player, with all those guys, is consistency and development. But that's one thing that I think we've stressed to him."

On how he will use McCain within the linebacker unit, either as a pass rusher and if he is filling Dion Jordan's role - "He can. We're giving him exposure a lot. He's been playing and getting a lot of normal down and distance snaps, playing linebacker. He's gotten some linebacker snaps in third down and he's gotten some DPR snaps. So we want to exposure him, especially this time of the year. We don't want to, for whatever reason, if an injury occurs or if he's gotten pushed to some other spot, we don't want it to be Chinese to him. So we're kind of throwing a lot at him, and we're going to refine his roles based on how well he competes, how well he shows himself and those type of things."

On if this off-season is notable for any reason or was it another off-season in the NFL - "It just seems like in the NFL there's always things that pop up. It's a busy schedule, there's not a lot of time to ... you got to stay after it, continually. Our personnel department did a great job. I thought our coaching staff worked well with them and worked hard in the evaluation process and all those things. So it's definitely a 12-month-a-year job."

On if there was anything that stood out to him about this off-season - "I just think the teamwork was exhibited throughout the organization. I think everybody contributed, everybody played a role, everybody had a voice. So I thought it was good."

On what his message will be to the players when they leave for their five-week vacation - "Well we got five weeks. There's a lot of time for them. I mentioned it to them briefly today, there's a lot of time for us to improve and develop by the time July 28 rolls around. So when you're a professional football player it's 24/7/365. And it's not that you can't have time for family or a little vacation. But everything they do impacts each and every one of us. Just like everything I do does. So we just remind them of those key things, if there's a lot of time there's time for development. Take a look at themselves, study themselves on tape and try to learn and improve."

On if any of the running backs behind RB Lamar Miller have stood out and taken a step ahead - "I don't know about step ahead because of the no pads, but I think LaMichael James has kind of flashed a little bit. Again, we didn't have a lot of time to evaluate him, to see him in practice situations and take him through our offensive installation and how we might be able to utilize him. He's looked good and it was good to have Mike Gillislee back. I thought he had some good days out here as well. Damien Williams has been moving around athletically. So I think it's a good group. I think it's going to be competitive. Jay (Ajayi's) done a good job, Lamar. Lamar's trying to sweat off a couple of pounds with his baseball manager on him underneath (joking)."

On what he's seen from DT Ndamukong Suh - "I think he's acclimated well. I think any time it's new, he was on one team for five years, he's coming to a different team, so maybe techniques - the game, football is football, but what we call something might not be exactly what he calls it, the technique might be a shade different. Terrell (Williams) might want him to step a hair flatter than his prior coach. There's always an adjustment phase with any player. But I think he's handled it very well. I think he's picked up on schematically, I think one of the things that was most exciting about adding him was I thought, from a scheme standpoint, he was a really, really good fit for what we like to do."

On how DT Ndamukong Suh has integrated with his teammates - "Yeah, I think that's coming along. I definitely think that's coming along, especially obviously with the first group is his guys and then the defensive line. I think that's off to a good start, defensively. I think it's off to a good start overall."

On encouraging leadership this off-season and if he's seen the benefits of it yet, and if he feels like the team has good core leaders - "Yeah, I do. I think there's always room for improvement. I think we do have a good core group and I think the way that they've gone about the off-season has demonstrated we've given them some opportunities to kind of take the lead a little bit and just the way they've come out here and worked, and the way they've conducted their business professionally inside the building, be it meetings, weight room, training room responsibilities, all of that stuff - I'm happy with the level of professionalism. It's never exactly where you want it to be yet, but I see good things."

On what he did to encourage leadership - "We've had some educational things. Number one where we've provided some forums for them and we've provided some information, we provide opportunities. We've given them some time in the schedule with some meeting times and so forth for some of the older guys to do a little bit of mentoring and those type of things. So I think it's a start and we have good potential there."

On why tomorrow's on-field work is cancelled - "We got a lot accomplished. We really have. We're really pleased, as I said earlier, about the situational work and I think these two days, again. I look back, I keep notes on each of our practices over the years here. But I feel really good about the two days that we've had in this mini-camp and the way that they've gone about their business."