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Phinsider Flash Poll: Biggest Rookie Impact?

It's way too early to determine which rookie the Miami Dolphins selected in the 2015 NFL Draft will make the biggest impact this season. But that doesn't mean we can't speculate. Now it's time for your say, and vote.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Every NFL team wants their first round pick to make the biggest impact in their first season, out of all the players they drafted.  However, sometimes that just doesn't happen.

Take last year's draft, for example.  While Miami's first round selection, Ja'Wuan James, helped shore up the offensive line, did he make as big an impact as wide receiver Jarvis Landry?

This year, there are question marks. DeVante Parker has already had foot surgery.  While he's expected to be back for the season's opener, will the time on the sidelines prevent him from making an impact?

And how about Jordan Phillips?  A promising player, but will he see much game time competing against Ndamukong Suh, CJ Mosley, Earl Mitchell, AJ Francis and Anthony Jones?

Then there's Jamil Douglas, a guard who's technique is sound, but needs some work in the weight room.  At running back, Jay Ajayi could be a game-changer, but will his knee hold up?  Bobby McCain, Cedric Thompson and Tony Lippett are the remaining players the Dolphins drafted.  There's questions as to whether they'll make the 53-man roster, let alone make any sort of impact in year one.

Of course, it's difficult to decipher who will make the bigger impact when analysing many different positions.  But from your gut reaction, which player do you think will emerge from the pack?  Which player will have the bigger impact?

A full list of this year's selections are below.  Please feel free to put your views across and vote below.

First Round

14th overall pick: DeVante Parker, wide receiver, Louisville

Second Round

52nd overall pick: Jordan Phillips, Defensive Tackle, Oklahoma

Fourth Round.

114th overall pick: Jamil Douglas, guard, Arizona State.

Fifth Round

145th overall pick: Bobby McCain, cornerback, Memphis.

149th overall pick: Jay Ajayi, running back, Boise State.

150th overall pick: Cedric Thompson, safety, Minnesota.

156th overall pick: Tony Lippett, wide receiver, Michigan State.

Alex Parish is an Associate Editor at The Phinsider. Be sure to follow me on Twitter@AlexParish89.