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Eagles release Evan Mathis; Could Dolphins be interested?

The Philadelphia Eagles have released guard Evan Mathis. Could the Miami Dolphins be interested?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Did the Miami Dolphins wait out the Philadelphia Eagles with regards to guard Evan Mathis? After repeated rumors and speculation that the Dolphins could be looking to trade for Mathis this offseason, upgrading a position of need for the team. That trade never materialized, but today, this did:

Could the Dolphins make a run at Mathis now that he is a free agent? Mathis has been unhappy about his contract, with reports that the team had previously offered to raise his salary, but then pulled that offer before he could accept it when Howie Roseman was no longer the team's general manager.

Knowing the situation with Mathis, could the Dolphins have simply called the Eagles' bluff, and waited until the team released him? Mathis could come in and immediately fill a starting position on the team, strengthening the offensive line, and allowing Miami more time to develop younger guards like Dallas Thomsa, Billy Turner, or Jamil Douglas.

It at least has to be a consideration for the Dolphins, and probably one they should look to move on quickly.