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Report: Not if, but how long Brady to be suspended for DeflateGate

DeflateGate will lead to a suspension for New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, according to a report.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past week, a lot of speculation about how the Ted Wells report into DeflateGate would impact the New England Patriots and, specifically, quarterback Tom Brady, has swirled throughout the media. Would the "more probable than not" lines in the report lead to the NFL not putting much weight into the report, or would the league consider the circumstantial evidence enough to drop the hammer on a future Hall of Fame player?

It appears, the ban hammer is going to come down on Brady. According to a report in the New York Daily News, "Roger Goodell's decision is expected to be announced next week and it is no longer a matter of if the NFL commissioner will suspend Brady, but for how long he will suspend him."

Gary Myers continues in his article, writing, "In conversations I've had with several key sources who always have a good sense of what goes on at 345 Park Avenue, there is little doubt Goodell considers Brady's role in DeflateGate a serious violation."

Speculation as to the length of a suspension for Brady has run from a couple of games to the entire 2015 season. I would suspect the league to look in the 6-8 game range, knowing Brady will appeal and it would likely drop to a 2-4 game suspension. I think, with the history of punishment from SpyGate, BountyGate, and BullyGate, the league will have to come down on Brady, even if it is just to prevent the appearance of favoritism toward one of the top players, and teams, in the league.