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Dolphins rookie jersey numbers: DeVante Parker to wear number 11

The Miami Dolphins have announced the jersey number assignments for the rookie draft class. We take a look at first-round pick DeVante Parker's number 11 this morning.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins have released the jersey assignments for their 2015 Draft class, giving each player the number which he will wear. We will take a look at all seven players' assignments, and the history of that particular number, over the next couple of days.

First, we have the team's first-round draft pick, wide receiver DeVante Parker, who will wear number 11.

History of number 11

Rick Norton - 1966-1969
Jim Del Gaizo - 1972, 1975
Jim Jensen - 1981-1992
Dan McGwire - 1995
Damon Huard - 1997-2000
Bill Gramatica - 2004
Gus Frerotte - 2005
Julius Pruitt - 2011
Mike Wallace - 2013-2014

Most Recent Player

Wallace joined the team as the top free agent acquisition of the 2013 offseason. He only lasted two years with the team, a span that saw great highlights, as well as some questionable low-light. Everything reached a head when Wallace appeared to take himself out of the game at the end of the first half of the team's season finale against the New York Jets last season, then found himself benched for the entire second half. He was traded this offseason to the Minnesota Vikings.

Name Games Rec Targets Yards YPC TDs
Mike Wallace 32 140 256 1,792 12.8 15

Best Player

The number 11 has primarily been a back up quarterback's number for the Dolphins, but one player stands out above the rest. While Wallace had a chance to take over the top spot, Jim Jensen's time in the number still exceeds anything anyone else did for the Dolphins while wearing a number 11 jersey. "Crash" did everything he possibly could for the team, and the fans love him for it. He actually started out as a quarterback, but, with Dan Marino taking his position under center in 1983, Jensen soon found himself begin as to put in work as a special teams payer, at wide receiver, and as a running back. Jensen clearly takes the top spot among players to have worn number 11; will Parker be able to unseat him?

Name Games Rec Yards YPC TDs Carries Yards YPC TDs
Jim Jensen 164 229 2,171 9.5 19 26 142 5.5 0