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Phinsider Flash Poll: Dion Jordan Edition

Phinsider Flash Poll: Dion Jordan Edition

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

By now every Dolphin fan is well aware of the complete disaster that the number 3 overall pick from a couple of seasons back has become. He has once again violated the leagues substance abuse policy, this time via a "diluted sample" and as such was suspended from the league for the entire 2015 season. For many Dolphin fans this may stick out  as one of the biggest blunders of Jeff Ireland's tenure with the team as he traded up to the third overall spot in order to draft Jordan and after two season and now what will be a third there will be very, very little in return to show for his efforts or more importantly our first round draft pick.

My simple question today is, what should the Dolphins do with Dion Jordan from this point on?