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Rumor Of Evan Mathis Trade To The Miami Dolphins Just That, A Rumor

The rumor of the Dolphins being interested in trading for Eagles guard Evan Mathis has been swirling for a while now. Now it seems to be just that, another rumor.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It now seems as if the rumors that have been swirling around for some time that the Dolphins might be interested in trading for Philidelphia Eagles guard Evan Mathis were just that, rumors. According to CBS Miami Mathis' agent Drew Rosenhouse was interviewed on the Joe Rose show where he stated that a trade of his client to the Dolphins was "Not a strong possibility". He went on to say "I've been given permission by the Eagles to shop Evan. We thought we had a trade with another team leading up to the draf. It was not the Dolphins. It kind of fell through based on what the team did in the draft but right now it doesn't appear the Dolphins are a strong possibility. We've never really gotten close on a trade with the Dolphins.".

Many of the rumors swirling around the Dolphins had Miami shipping now suspended defensive end Dion Jordan to the Eagles to reunite with his former coach at Oregon, Chip Kelly. According to "sources" that trade very nearly went down before word came down of Jordans suspension from the league for the 2015 season. Most fans believed and many rumors had it that it would be a swap for Mathis but media reports later stated that Miami was to only gain back a late round draft pick for Jordan had the deal actually gone through.

None of this of course means that Mathis will not be moved or that somehow a dialog will not possibly start up with Miami at a later date if Philly feels pinched to move him and maybe their asking price were to come down. Additionally Rosenhouse never said the Dolphins were not interested or not contacted just that they had "never really gotten close on a trade with the Dolphins.". So as with most rumors like this in the NFL when they seem dead they usually are but every now and again one surprises us, springs back to life and somehow becomes true.