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Miami Dolphins Rookies Jay Ajayi and DeVante Parker To Attend Rookie Premiere This Weekend

The annual NFLPA rookie premiere will be held this weekend in LA and among the attendees will be Dolphins rookies Jay Ajayi and DeVante Parker.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The annual NFLPA rookie premiere will be held this weekend and among the 41 "top rookies" invited to take part are two Miami Dolphins rookies, running back Jay Ajayi and wide out DeVante Parker. The rookie premiere is a 4 day event being held May 28th though the 31st in Los Angeles. The rookie premiere, entering it's 21st year is hosted by NFL Players Inc., the marketing and licensing branch of the NFL Players association.

The event will teach the players the business side of the NFL as well as how to develop their own personal brands. They will also be learning financial planning, brand building and group player rights. Also in attendance are multiple companies that have deals with either the NFL or the NFL players association. They will be on hand to meet and get to know the players. The players association will also hold seminars on what the benefits of the players association is for each individual player.

The weekend will mark for many of the players in attendance the first time they will be wearing their full, official team uniform. Each player will then attend a photo shoot with the trading card companies Topps and Panini America at the LA Memorial Coliseum. Other NFL business partners on hand to meet the players are Nike, Gatorade, Tostitos, Fanatics Authentic, élevée, Intel, FedEx, Samsung, Uber, TheraPearl and New Era.