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90-in-90 Breaking Down the Miami Dolphins Roster: Tony Lippett

Breaking down the Miami Dolphins' 90-man roster over 90 days. Today, we look at cornerback Tony Lippett.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

We bring back our annual look at the Miami Dolphins' roster heading into training camp, a series we call 90-in-90. Over the next 90 days (or a few more as roster changes happen), we will take a look at each individual player on the roster, review what they did in 2014 either in the NFL or in college, then take a look at how they might progress or regress this season, and the chances that player will make the roster.


2014 Review:

Lippett is an intriguing football player who started at both corner and wide receiver for Michigan State last season.

As a receiver, Lippet recorded 65 receptions for 1198 yards and 11 touchdowns.

On the defensive side, he recorded 4 tackles and 4 pass breakups.

Why he might progress:

Lippett is the next Richard Sherman.

Okay, let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. Wouldn't that be pretty neat though?

The experience at receiver should help him against opposing receivers as he makes the adjustment to the NFL.

Why he might regress:

Lippett played his final 4 games as cornerback. He made the move kind of later in the season. Although he did play it his freshman year.

He's a project and may take a year or two to develop. But if he is half the player Sherman is, I'll take it.

Chances he makes the 53-man roster:

Lippett is a very intriguing individual. Of all the drafted rookies, I am going to be monitoring Lippett very closely. He has a shot at making the roster and could contribute a lot on special teams. I see him as a practice squad option for now.

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