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Miami Dolphins Offensive Coordinator Bill Lazor's Press Conference From Thursday

Miami Dolphins Offensive Coordinator Bill Lazor's Press Conference From Thursday

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On if his heart skipped a beat when he saw QB Ryan Tannehill slip - "No. I think he slipped. He was just trying to go, probably his mind was going faster than his feet needed to go right there."

On the fair expectation for what he can do in the second year of an offense - "Well that's a good question. I think everything should be better. Everything should be clearer. I'm very happy with how his off-season went and the time that we got to spend with him. Ryan's an extremely hard worker. He's a very intelligent guy and he wants to do it right. I don't know that you could script a better formula for a guy to be successful and that's how he's approached it and I'm really proud of how far he's gone in the off-season and I think we were all waiting for this time of year now where you get to have a defense out there to throw against and really try to put yourself to the test and that's what he's doing."

On if the receiving corps is more suited to Ryan now and if that will lead to more deep ball connections - "Well let's face it, when you hit ‘em then people aren't going to ask about it. I think the key thing is we walk in the room every single day together, not only committed to being the best that you can possibly be as a person but also with the understanding, we're all going to do it together and no one's going to be right all the time and no one's going to be the one that's wrong all the time. We've got to figure it out together. As coaches, I mean that's the attitude we want every player to walk in and have. Let's face it this time of year without pads on, a lot of it is about the passing game. That's just the reality of the rules and so we've got to make the most of that. As coaches I've got to help provide structure and guidance with that but I want them to work with us. Let's face it, a guy like Greg Jennings walks in the room, who has had a ton of experience and a ton of success, I want his input. I want him to feel like he's a part of it. Because I think as they help them discover with you how things work then they'll take ownership of it and they'll be even more excited to make sure it does work."

On if DeVante Parker is special right away - "An old football coach told me when I was recruiting in college, he said, in his opinion, this was George Welsh, the head coach of Virginia. He would be around UVA sometimes having a cup of coffee and he said in his opinion you had to take a lot of linemen because when they were big, young guys, sometimes it took a little bit for them to develop. He said but you should be able to look at a skill guy and have a pretty good idea what it's going to be. We felt really good about DeVante in rookie camp. I try to watch all 11, it's not easy on the practice field but from what I saw of him today, I thought he worked really good. He made some contested catches and that's what he's expected to do. He'll keep getting better and smoother and things will happen faster but from the seat I had, so far today it was a good start."

On applying that philosophy to an offensive lineman, specifically OG Dallas Thomas and if this is the time for him - "Well, typically you would say yes and I have no expectations that are different. I wasn't here with Dallas as a rookie but all indications from what I saw to what happened last year was improvement. I saw improvement as the season went on from the preseason thru the season and I expect nothing less because Dallas has been busting his butt and working hard at it. I think everyone is going to be happy with the direction he's going. Certainly we're all rooting for him. At the same time we're pushing him and I'm expecting the other guys to push him also."

On his first impression of OL Jamil Douglas - "I feel very good about Jamil. The thing about these camps, it's not a contact camp so it's a little bit, I've been around them enough to understand. There are certain things you can evaluate in offensive linemen in OTA's and certain things that you're going to have to wait until training camp. But from what I saw, first impressions of Jamil have been excellent and sometimes you can ask the veteran linemen, maybe not specifically, but you can watch their reaction and a coach taught me a long time ago, players know players. You watch some of the veteran guys and how they see them and how they treat them and what they expect of them gives me a lot of hope that things are going to be good for Jamil."

On the thinking of Ja'Wuan James at right tackle and if it will stay that way - "I have no doubt that Ja'Wuan could move back over. I think everyone in the organization is probably hopeful about Branden Albert returning at left tackle. I couldn't tell you any of the time frames and such but right now, today, we wanted Ja'Wuan to just become an expert at the right tackle spot. And when you stop back at the end of the year and you watch all the video, which sometimes you're able to take the emotion out of it. I see a guy, when I watch him play that right tackle spot I think the guys going to be a really good player."

On the changes at wide receiver, and from what he's seen so far, is that group a better fit for Tannehill's skill-set versus last year's group - "We've done it different places with all different kinds of guys and I guess as a coach, the approach I take is, okay, here is day one, here is what we've got and it's my job to make it work. I think the quarterback looks at it that same way. I don't think of it in a comparison way. The way I think of it is, what I've asked them to do, Greg Jennings can attest to this, Kenny Stills can attest to this as they joined us and I had the chance to sit down and talk to them, I said look, what I need you to do is every day walk in the building with the assumption that I'm going to do everything I can to be the best I can be and understand we all have to do it together. It's really not that complicated. There are a lot of schemes and things that are complicated at times, but as far as the attitude when you walk in the building, I'm trying to get them all to be that way, that's how I try to live my life. Hopefully they can feel that from me. So you stand up there and ask their opinions. When a guy like Greg Jennings walks into the room, I'll expect that he'll have some opinion, I'll expect that he'll be able to draw from his experience facing cover three corners, press corners, big corners, combo teams. That's part of the deal in this league. That's why you enjoy coaching adults, guys who are experienced."

On what specifically he expects to be better about the offense this year - "It sounds like a cop-out to say everything but, we tried as coaches to look at every area. We haven't presented every single thing to the players, but I think in this setting, in OTAs certainly the way the rules are, you can get a lot more done in the passing game than in the run game. We'll install our whole run game, but you can't drive block anybody. There are going to be certain times when it's not quite real football yet, same thing in pass protection. I think the emphasis in OTAs typically tends to be on the passing game a little bit more. I expect our pass protection to improve. It's not just the blocking. Certainly you don't have pads on to hit, but from the quarterback handling it to the receivers helping with their hots and sights and backs picking things up, I expect that to take a jump forward. I think the most publicized thing about the Dolphins would be throwing the ball down the field and some days we're going to and some days we're going to try to move it throwing it short and running it, that works to."

On how much improving the red zone scoring was a priority in terms of the players they brought in like TE Jordan Cameron and WR DeVante Parker - "Let's put it on me. We've put the responsibility on me to evaluate the guys that we have and to use each of them the way they can best be used in the red zone. That's the promise I've made to them. We haven't started working on it in this setting yet, but we worked on it in OSPs, on air, we were at a pretty high completion percentage on air, that's a start. I think that's my responsibility and the coaching staff, to evaluate the guys you have and use them how they should be used."

On how happy is about having the amount of pass catchers that are here - "I'm excited about the guys that are here. I was excited about the acquiring of every single one of them that is here. They walk in the building every day with enthusiasm, they walk on the field with energy. They did it when it was on air and they did it today. I'm absolutely certain we'll be better tomorrow and that's all I can ask of them."