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Miami Dolphins Head Coach Joe Philbin's Press Conference From Thursday

Miami Dolphins Head Coach Joe Philbin's Press Conference From Thursday

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Opening statement - "We had everybody on the roster here in the building today. It was a great start to the OTA phase of the off-season program. I thought the energy on the field was good. We put in normal down and distance today. I thought it was a good start. We have a starting point as to where we are right now, day one of OTAs. We've also got to make some corrections when we come back and watch the tape tomorrow and move forward."

On if today's practice was more about assignment and alignment - "Not really. That's part of it. Every single day is hard for you to function as a football team if you don't have 11 guys on the same page from an assignment, scheme, standpoint. That's always part of every practice that we ever have. Again, I thought the guys moved around well. I thought we got a lot accomplished."

On how good it was to see DT Ndamukong Suh on the filed today and how he looked - "Yeah absolutely. Like I said, it's great to have everybody here today. I thought the energy was good. I thought he looked good. His quickness looked good. He seems to be in pretty good shape. He seems to be catching on to the scheme and the defense well."

On if he knew Suh would be here all along - "Again, everything is voluntary as we all know. We've told the team what we believe in in terms of the significance of the off-season program. Just happy that everybody was here today."

On if he expects Suh to be present for the remaining voluntary OTAs - "Again, it's voluntary. We'd love to have everybody here, but things happen. We coach the guys that are here."

On what led to WR Rishard Matthews being present today and how he looked out there - "Same thing. I hate to keep being redundant. It's a voluntary program. So we're delighted about the guys that have been in the first five weeks, happy that Rishard was here today, looked like he moved around well and was competing, in that room. It was great to have him."

On what he wanted to see from QB Ryan Tannehill today and how he looked - "I thought, so far, so good. He got off to a good start. As we've talked a number of times, in its simplest form, not that playing quarterback in the National Football League or playing it in Miami is simple, the things we always talk about, the decision making, the accuracy, the playmaking, those are things where we want to see progress each and every time. That's the charge today and we'll take a closer look at the tape when we get done."

On the movement among the wide receivers and if that is due to the depth and variety of skill-sets in the group - "It's a little bit of both to be honest. I think part of it is it's year two in this system and this scheme. We've got some new guys, so we're getting them adjusted as quickly as we possibly can. They don't necessarily have preconceived notions of, I'm a this, or I'm a that. What we're really doing is, installing concepts offensively as we are on defense and special teams and we want to expose guys to different things. That's one of the major focuses that we have. We talked about, we met at length as an offensive staff last week and we talked and said okay, these guys, let's get some of these guys some reps at this position and not get locked in, so if one injury occurs we're all not of the sudden reinventing the wheel so to speak."

On what did CB Jamar Taylor show the staff in his starts last season - "I liked the way he went out and competed number one, first and foremost. I thought from a technical standpoint, fundamentally there were some really good shots of him doing things exactly the way we've been coaching and teaching in a variety of different coverage's. That was really the number one thing that I liked last year on tape."

On how he feels about this entire off-season overall up to this point - "It's hard, it's incomplete at this point. I've been very pleased with the way the guys have come into the building, absorbed the information, both the corrections from last year and the new points of emphasis for this year from a schematic standpoint. We're just now starting the on-field portion, we get to compete a little bit, see some guys in some different situations that we haven't seen yet. Again, there are a lot of guys that are new and we want to learn more about them here on the field. But very pleased so far."

On what has impressed him about WR Greg Jennings - "He catches the ball, I know this sounds elementary, but he catches the ball with his hands very well, I think he does that well. He's a good route runner, crisp. He knows how to come in and out of his breaks well. I think he's been a quarterback friendly type of receiver throughout the course of his career. I think the quarterbacks have faith, and I think it's going to take us time here as we get rolling, but he's a guy that ends up doing the right things versus different coverage's, a play gets extended, he has that good instinct and savvy."

On adjusting to the new extra point rules - "It's going to be interesting. I think it's going to take us all a little bit of time to get used to. There are going to be different scenarios. You'd think that the incident rate of two point conversions will go up a little bit. There will be a variety of factors that go into it, time in the game, score in the game, wind situations, all of those types of things. I think it's a good element and it will be interesting."

On when he meets with the coaches what will be conversation based off of what happened today - "I think from my chair right now, is the way we moved around. We were able, we put a lot on the table, we had a lot of reps planned for practice, we virtually hit our targets in each period and we were pushing the envelope there a little bit, because of the time crunch, we can't extend periods, we can't stay out here as long as we want. What I was pleased with most of all, aside from a particular individual, was the way the guys moved around and the energy and the effort."

On if he would expect that defensive line is ahead of the offensive line at this point - "I wasn't really thinking about any of that stuff to be honest with you."

On where S Louis Delmas and CB Will Davis are in their progress - "They're moving around well. We're going to have a nice progression for them and take that through and make sure there are no setbacks. I think they are progressing very well at this point in time."

On what Suh's presence does for a practice - "He looked good, he looked like he got off the ball a couple of times, extremely well, which we all know, we've watched the tape of him, we've competed against him. It's good for our offensive line to go against that on a daily basis. That's the number one thing that obviously jumped out today."

On what Suh's presence symbolizes - "That being part of the team is important, contributing is important, being out here for practice is important. The big thing that we've talked to the team about since April 20th, the things that we're doing today are going to make a difference in September, October, December, January, February. Even though the season seems a long way off, September 13th, there are still a few more months before we get there. Everything we do is important."

On if there is any hesitation when starting high draft picks right away or if they are arriving to the NFL more ready than ever - "I think everybody is different. You have to do it on a case by case basis, but certainly Ja'Wuan was a guy that when we studied and analyzed him, he's a good athlete, smart, played a lot of football in a very demanding conference. It's hard to make a blanket statement, but certainly the guys are getting very well coached in college."

On what do OG's Dallas Thomas and Billy Turner have to show to solidify their place in those spots - "It's going to be hard to make a complete evaluation through the OTAs because we don't have the pads on. But one of the points we made to the entire team today is the play speed, getting in and out of the huddle, getting the call, getting the assignment down, getting the stance down, getting off the ball quick, whatever position it doesn't matter, guard, wide receiver, defensive line, db (defensive back). Then, functioning within the scheme as best you can in this phase. It's going to be hard to tell if we can sustain blocks real well, it's going to be difficult to assess in the OTAs. Those are the things, playing fast, playing decisive, good fundamentals, good initial aiming points, those will be the things that we really focus on."