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90-in-90 Breaking Down the Miami Dolphins Roster: Jay Ajayi

Breaking down the Miami Dolphins' 90-man roster over 90 days. Today, we look at running back Jay Ajayi.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

We bring back our annual look at the Miami Dolphins' roster heading into training camp, a series we call 90-in-90. Over the next 90 days (or a few more as roster changes happen), we will take a look at each individual player on the roster, review what they did in 2014 either in the NFL or in college, then take a look at how they might progress or regress this season, and the chances that player will make the roster.


2014 Review:

2014 was Ajayi's junior year at Boise State. He recorded 347 rushing attempts,  1823 rushing yards, and 28 touchdowns. Also recorded 50 receptions for 535 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Those are some mind-blowing stats.

Why he might progress:

Ajayi was a steal in the fifth round. Did you see the stats above?

He will be given every chance to start and provide competition for Lamar Miller.

Why he might regress:

How healthy is his knee?

Ajayi's medicals scared teams away from him. According to Mike Mayock "Ajayi's knee is "bone on bone."

Ajayi's knee could be a problem long-term, but he should be fine at least through his first contract. Running backs have a short shelf life in the NFL anyway.

Chances he makes the 53-man roster:

Some scouts compared him to Marshawn Lynch. I see that in Ajayi. He will be the #2 back in Miami unless he has a tremendous preseason showing.

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