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Miami Dolphins Number 7 In The NFL With "Blue Chip" Talent?

Miami Dolphins Number 7 In The NFL With "Blue Chip" Talent?

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Bucky Brooks of did a little exercise where he assessed each team in the NFL after the position of quarterback and came up with the top ten teams, ranked by how many "blue chip" players they carry on their roster. His belief is that if you do not carry a superstar quarterback on your roster you have to otherwise load up on as many blue chip level players as possible to win in the NFL. He came to this realization when he worked as a scout with the Carolina Panthers and he saw his Panthers go to the 2005 NFC Championship Game with one Jake Delhomme but also a lineup that he figures featured no less than 10 players that would be considered "blue chip".

The first six in order were the Seattle Seahawks with 9 blue chippers, the Buffalo Bills with 8, the Denver Broncos with 8, the New York Jets with 6, the Dallas Cowboys with 7 and the Kansas City Chiefs with 6. Your Miami Dolphins check in at number 7 with 6 blue chips of their own. In his estimation those six are left tackle Branden Albert, tight end Jordan Cameron, cornerback Brent Grimes, center Mike Pouncey, defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh and of course defensive end Cameron Wake. He went on to finish off his rankings with the Green Bay Packers with 6 blue chippers, the Philadelphia Eagles with 7 and the Minnesota Vikings with 5.

Brooks said of the Dolphins-

It's now or never for fourth-year coach Joe Philibin, given the impressive work done by Miami's front office to fill out this roster. The Dolphins have assembled a championship-caliber defense with one of the top front sevens in football. Wake, Suh and Vernon will overwhelm the opponents at the point of attack, allowing Grimes to snag wayward tosses from quarterbacks attempting to flee the pressure. Miami's offensive line features a pair of studs in Albert and Pouncey. The athletic duo is not only ideally suited for Bill Lazor's zone-based scheme, but both guys possess the strength to move defenders off the ball on downhill runs. They are part of a revamped O-Line that could emerge as one of the strengths of the squad. If Cameron can just stay on the field, he gives Miami a big, athletic pass catcher between the hashes. The tight end could anchor a passing game that is dramatically improved in 2015.

What are your thoughts on the players Brooks selected as blue chip? Do you agree? What other players do you think may be on the cusp of being also considered a blue chip player? Do you think this is enough to get Miami going where they want to be as a franchise?

You can see Brooks' entire article HERE!