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90-in-90 Breaking Down the Miami Dolphins Roster: Louis Delmas

Breaking down the Miami Dolphins' 90-man roster over 90 days. Today, we look at safety Louis Delmas.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

We bring back our annual look at the Miami Dolphins' roster heading into training camp, a series we call 90-in-90. Over the next 90 days (or a few more as roster changes happen), we will take a look at each individual player on the roster, review what they did in 2014 either in the NFL or in college, then take a look at how they might progress or regress this season, and the chances that player will make the roster.


2014 Review:

Delmas signed a one year deal with the Dolphins. He recorded 63 tackles, 1 sack, and 1 interception that he returned for a touchdown.

Delmas tore his ACL against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 14. Reports out of Miami are that Delmas is ahead of schedule and could possibly be ready for Dolphins minicamp.

Why he might progress:

Delmas was having a solid season before his season ending injury and he was a vocal leader on the field.

If Delmas can stay healthy, I think the defense as a whole can improve. Delmas may not be the best safety, but he is such a great leader for this defense.

Why he might regress:

Delmas has been plagued with injuries his entire career.

Coming back from an ACL injury is tough and players do not seem like themselves when they come back from it. But, the reports are encouraging that Delmas has healed quickly and could be ready for minicamp.

Chances he makes the 53-man roster:

Delmas will be starting at safety when the Dolphins open the 2015 season. I was really hoping the Dolphins would re-sign him after the season. When Delmas gets fired up, he makes sure everyone around him is also fired up. He is such a great personality to have on a football team.

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