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Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey discusses second round pick Jordan Phillips

After the selection of defensive tackle Jordan Phillips in the second round, Miami Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey spoke with the media.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

(Opening Statement) - "Just to give you guys an update, obviously in the second round, we moved down and acquired some picks. Then we selected Jordan Phillips, a defensive tackle out of Oklahoma, a big talented defensive tackle with a lot of ability. We brought in him on a visit and really liked what he brought to the table. We feel like he can really learn from our defensive line, the veteran group that it is, and he truly was the best player available on our board. We took him and we almost had an earthquake up there, the defensive coaches trying to break down the walls, they were so excited. Again, a talented player, really excited to get him in with our coaches and work with him. We really like what he brings from a size, strength, ability to hold point, with also having athleticism and ability to rush the passer."

(On the philosophy of trading down) - "We looked at our board. We saw what it was and we felt like we were in a good enough position to, you're always, every time you're up, can we move down? You always want more picks. Do we feel like are we still going to like the board wherever we trade down to? We felt that way. We were fortunate the board pretty much stayed the same. Jordan was the top player on the board."

(On the other areas of need being addressed) - "We place our value in each individual player. That's what we talked about in the pre-draft. We place the value on them and then we follow the board in that manner."

(On his future relationship with DT Ndamukong Suh going forward) - "Obviously, to learn. He's very excited. All of our players, it's a collaborative group. There's a lot of experience, not just Ndamukong, Earl Mitchell, Cam Wake, Olivier Vernon, it's a veteran group with a lot of talent but a lot of experience and great guys to learn from. That's one of the first things Jordan talked about was how excited he was to learn from those guys."

(On what he saw in Jordan Phillips' on-field production) - "He was strong. Again, sometimes you have to look at how they're played within the scheme, and what their responsibility is within that scheme especially playing in a 3-4 where his job was to occupy blockers."

(On addressing the concerns about his motor and taking plays off)- "You always look for the motivation within a player and that's part of the reason you bring him in for a visit and we always talk about what shaped him. He has a very interesting story and as you get to know the player. Again, you see the talent, you see the flashes. Our job is to get him to do it on a consistent basis. When you talked with the kid, you really saw that passion, and a guy hungry to get better and to learn from our players but also learn from our coaches and ready to help contribute to our team."

(On the injury history of Jordan Phillips) - "Like with all of our players, we sit down with our medical staff, two weeks out, then a week out, then this week, just going over each and seeing what are the issues and how everything goes into that. You weigh in part of that. He passed with them and we were fine taking him."

(On the role he foresees for Jordan Phillips) - "We want him to come in and compete and be the best Jordan Phillips that he can be. That's job number one. We want him to learn our schemes and learn our techniques and contribute."

(On how good the defensive line can be) - "Well, I think it was really good to begin with. You're talking about a lot of talented players, pro bowl players, proven players in their prime, and continuing to add to them with another talented, young player."