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Dolphins Draft Results 2015: Grade Miami's Fourth Round

With the 114th pick of the 2015 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins selected, Jamil Douglas. How would you grade the Dolphins fourth round?

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

The Dolphins selected guard Jamil Douglas. Guard is an obvious need for the Dolphins.

No one is sure of what Billy Turner will be like, although coaches say he was really coming along near the end of the season.

We all know what Dallas Thomas can do. Played terrible at right tackle, but maybe he can turn it around when he is placed at guard.

Feel free to check out the analysis of Jamil Douglas from


Athletic build with desired flexibility throughout lower body. Has recovery quickness to catch delayed blitzers and twists. Flashes promising quick-set that he will use to take early lead in protection. Can pull, turn corner and find targets. Effective blocker in screen game with ability to adjust to moving targets in space. Can punch and reset hands quickly to counter a spin move. Has bend and hips to win leverage battle early in the snap.


Finesse, left guard-only prospect. Waits on action to come to him. Isn't a consistent enough block finisher. Must convert weight-room strength to play strength. Gives ground against bull-rushers. Struggles to consistently redirect when defender gets to his edge. Will get cross-faced. Shows very little fire in his play and looks like he's going through the motions. Gets caught catching rather than punching. Fails to generate push at the point of attack. Feet will stall and he doesn't sustain blocks for very long.

What are your thoughts on the Dolphins selection? How would you grade the pick?

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