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NFL Draft grades 2015: Dolphins grades through Round 3

The NFL Draft has made it through two days, or three rounds. How have the Miami Dolphins done over the two days?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

As we said yesterday, NFL Draft grades are fun to read, and everyone likes them, but the immediate reactions to picks may be a little over rated in the long term. Just as we did yesterday for the first round, we take a look around the internet at what some analysts are saying of the Miami Dolphins' three-round performance thus far.

The Dolphins did not have a third round pick this year, so they have no grades for the round.

SB Nation

Round 1 Grade: A+
The Dolphins were fortunate that Parker slipped a little bit in the draft and that he was available at No. 14. Parker is a perfect fit for the Dolphins. Miami brought in Kenny Stills and Jordan Cameron in the offseason and the addition of Parker gives them one of the better receiving groups in the NFL. Now the onus is on quarterback Ryan Tannehill to take Miami to the next level.

Round 2 Grade: B+
Phillips, who was considered by many as a first-rounder, is an intriguing player to put next to Ndamukong Suh. When Phillips is playing hard, he can be a load to stop. Phillips needs to get his stamina in order, but when he's on, watch out.

Draft pick: WR DeVante Parker (No. 14 overall), DT Jordan Phillips (No. 52 overall)
Day 1 grade: A
Day 2 grade: B+
Overall grade: B+
The skinny: Parker was some folks' top wideout in the draft and might have been a consensus top player at the position if he weren't injured his final season. The Dolphins liked Parker throughout the draft process and got their guy without giving anything up. That's a win. Phillips might not represent a need for the Dolphins, who signed Ndamukong Suh as a free agent, but he shows flashes of first-round talent, and the team moved back to get him to boot.

CBS Sports

Round 1 Grade: A
I think this is a great move by Miami. They had to get a go-to receiver for Ryan Tannehill, and this kid is exactly that.

Round 2 Grade: A
This is a power player who will fit in nicely on their line next to Ndamukong Suh. I think he will be a better NFL player than he showed in college.

Bleacher Report

Round 1 Grade: B+
The Dolphins have completely made their receiver corps over. With Parker joining Kenny Stills (who is going to be awesome), Jarvis Landry and Greg Jennings as the crafty old guy, Ryan Tannehill will have an incredible array of targets in the 10-20-yard range. That's important, because Tannehill doesn't like to throw beyond that range. We've come a long way from watching Mike Wallace jog downfield while Brian Hartline catches eight-yard passes and falls.

Round 2 Grade: B+
Phillips is another athletic 300-plus pounder with great quickness and a good understanding of what he is doing in a draft full of them. He knows how to shed blocks, where to go when the offense sets up a screen and so on. Danny Shelton has a better on-field motor, and Eddie Goldman is more consistent, but Phillips has tools that match or equal either of them.

Think of him as Ndamukong Suh's next Nick Fairley. And give the Dolphins credit for remembering that those 300-pounders will have to rotate in Miami.

Walter Football

Round 1 Grade: A-
The Rams and Vikings were considering DeVante Parker at Nos. 10 and 11, so this is a slight bargain for the Dolphins. Parker also fills a big need at receiver; Miami signed Greg Jennings, but he never factored into the decision of this selection. Ryan Tannehill already had his possession receiver in Jarvis Landry, but he had to have a legitimate No. 1 wideout at his disposal. Parker is projected to be a primary option, so I like this selection.

Round 2 Grade: C+
Wow, how many massive defensive tackles do the Dolphins need? Jordan Phillips is a massive man who happens to be very athletic for his size. The problem is that he doesn't play football very well. I thought he might go in the first round, which would've been a big reach. He makes sense in this range, but I don't like the scheme or need fit very much. The silver lining is that Miami moved down and picked up extra picks in the process.

Phinsider Fan Vote Grade

First Round Grade: A

Round 2 Grade: B-