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90-in-90 Breaking Down the Miami Dolphins Roster: Ndamukong Suh

Breaking down the Miami Dolphins' 90-man roster over 90 days. Today, we look at defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

We bring back our annual look at the Miami Dolphins' roster heading into training camp, a series we call 90-in-90. Over the next 90 days (or a few more as roster changes happen), we will take a look at each individual player on the roster, review what they did in 2014 either in the NFL or in college, then take a look at how they might progress or regress this season, and the chances that player will make the roster.


2014 Review:

Suh totaled 53 tackles and recorded 8.5 sacks. He continued to prove that he is a dominant force on the defensive line.

At the end of the season, the Detroit Lions were unable to bring Suh back and the Dolphins jumped at the opportunity to sign the talented player.

Why he might progress:

This is kind of hard for me. Suh is one of the best defensive lineman in the NFL and really has nothing to improve on, except his on-field antics that he has been fined for.

Maybe Suh will flourish in Kevin Coyle's defense and break the NFL sack record, record 100 tackles, and receive a Nobel Prize. If anything, Suh is going to allow everyone around him to play at a higher level.

Why he might regress:

We as Dolphins fans have learned the hard way. Karlos Dansby, Brandon Marshall, Mike Wallace, etc. The Dolphins will bring in a big name talent and will end up flopping in Miami.

New city, new team, huge contract, maybe Suh will be the next big name player to flop in Miami. But, I doubt that.

Chances he makes the 53-man roster:

100%. That was easy.

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