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Ryan Tannehill Extension Phinsider Immediate Reaction With Poll

Ryan Tannehill Extension Phinsider Immediate Reaction With Poll

Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Word came down today that the Dolphins had done what they said they wanted to do and extended Ryan Tannehill pas this season and through the next six seasons at the tune of 6 year for 96 million with 45 million guaranteed. Reaction across the internet has been mixed. Some fans believe this is a great deal for the team while others believe that we overpaid and it's only a great deal for Tannehill. I tend to believe that no contract can be truly judged until you see the language of the contract. Additionally, as with anything the value we received for the money will not be determined until years down the road.

I am also a aware that while it may only be the minority at this point there are still those Miami Dolphins fans that are not sold on Ryan Tannehill and not only do they not believe in extending him but do not believe in continuing to keep him on the roster. Many others are sold on the idea that we have got our man and are set for the next decade at least. Still others fall somewhere in the middle. They believe that he has shown the physical ability to play the game or maybe the mental side but for whatever reason has not yet put it all together and they are still in a wait and see mode while also feeling hopeful.

What is your immediate reaction? Are you happy that the team got this deal done now? Would you had rather they gave him another season to show what he had despite the risk of his price only going up? Please let us know your thoughts on today's signing of the extension.