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Phinsider Flash Poll: Where Does Tannehill Rank Vs. Former Dolphins QB's?

Phinsider Flash Poll: Where Does Tannehill Rank Vs. Former Dolphins QB's?

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

In the history of Miami Dolphins quarterbacks one man stands atop the mountain alone. Dan Marino! Dan at one time held nearly every record in the NFL record books and its my personal opinion had the rules been interpreted when he played as they are in this era he would have had stats that no one would have ever touched. Marino also won playoff games and even took the team to a Superbowl but never managed to bring home a trophy for the team.

Then we have Bob Griese who is not only in the HOF but also quarterbacked three teams to the Superbowl, winning two of them. Griese, by today's standards, put up modest numbers in his 14 seasons throwing for 25,092 yards and 192 touchdowns but he won and was still thought of highly enough around the league to be elected to 6 pro bowls and to be selected as the NFL MVP twice, in 1971 and 1978.

Beyond those two long time starters, who covered 31 of the teams 49 seasons as starters its been mostly a hodgepodge of castoffs. Sure we drafted a few guys but most of them went down in flames. David Woodley got the team to the playoffs two years in a row and the Superbowl only to lose to the Redskins. Woodley is now mostly remembered as the stop gap guy between Griese and Marino. Then we had Jay Fiedler who managed to get the Dolphins in the playoffs a couple of more times. Fiedler was more of a Griese type than a Marino type. Unfortunately for him he started his stint with the Dolphins in the 2000's and not the 1970's when his style of game would have most likely dominated.

Then came the magical 2008 season. Miami finally made it back to the playoffs with yet another castoff. This time from none other than their rival, the New York Jets, in the form of one Chad Pennington. While we never got past the first game in the playoffs it was a thrilling season for many Dolphins fans and despite his very short tenure with the team most Dolphins fans still hold Pennington in high regard for that one season where we could all find a reason to smile.

That brings us to our current starter. Ryan Tannehill seems to be the first guy "cemented" in to the position since Dan Marino strolled the halls in Davie as a player. The team is on the verge of working out what is said to be more than a 100 million dollar contract to keep Ryan the starter for the foreseeable future. Despite this pending commitment by the team Ryan has yet managed to get his team over the hump and again back in to the playoffs. In back to back campaigns, the previous  two seasons,  the Dolphins seemed close to reentering the playoffs when both Ryan and most of the rest of the team seemed to forget how to win. He will have to learn how to put the team on his back at times and also lead them past these epic collapses at the end of the season. For that kind of money, Tannehill along with Suh will be expected to step up and lead on their respective side of the ball.

So today's question is where do you rank Tannehill among the other Dolphins quarterbacks that have come before him?