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NFL Power Rankings 2015: USA Today posts latest rankings of all 32 franchises

USA Today posted an offseason NFL power rankings. Where did the Miami Dolphins land?

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Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It is the middle of May, and NFL teams will not hit the field for meaningful games for another almost four months. That does not mean teams are not better, or worse, than they were last year, given the completion of the NFL Draft and the majority of free agents having signed. How does the league stack up, at least on paper? USA Today posted their newest 2015 NFL Power Rankings yesterday to try to order the league.

Before we get to where the Miami Dolphins landed on the list, we will run through the top ten, according to USA Today. In no surprise, the Seattle Seahawks are sitting on top of the board, with the GReen Bay Packers, Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos, and Baltimore Ravens finishing the top five teams. After the four-game suspension for Tom Brady, the New England Patriots are sixth, followed by the Carolina Panthers, Philadelphia Eagles, and Buffalo Bills. To round out the top ten, USA Today has the Miami Dolphins.

Wait. What? The Dolphins are a top ten team?

Yesterday, we took a look at Football Outsiders projecting the Dolphins to end the season with an 11-5 record - which, when they updated the standings for the Brady suspension, would make Miami the number one overall seed in the AFC - and now a top ten team in power rankings in May? People seem to be noticing that Miami is putting something together.

That also means three of the four AFC East teams are currently in the top ten teams in the league (the New York Jets are 21st). Is the division really climbing back to being the toughest division in the league?

What did the USA Today article have to say about the Dolphins' tenth position?

Ryan Tannehill has quietly emerged as a fine QB and should better mesh with a stout D [and] his revamped wideout corps.

Fair enough. What do you think of the ranking for the Dolphins? Is it too high? Right where they should be?