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Dolphins rookie jersey numbers: Bobby McCain wears number 28

The Miami Dolphins have announced the jersey number assignments for the rookie draft class. We take a look at fifth-round pick Bobby McCain's number 28 today.

Harry How/Getty Images

The Miami Dolphins have released the jersey assignments for their 2015 Draft class, giving each player the number which he will wear. We will take a look at all seven players' assignments, and the history of that particular number, over the next couple of days.

We move on to the first of the team's four fifth-round draft picks, cornerback Bobby McCain, who will wear number 28.

History of number 28

George Chesser - 1966)
Abner Haynes - 1967
Gene Milton - 1968-1969
Ed Jenkins - 1972
Hubert Ginn  - 1975
Don McNeal - 1980-1989
Michael McGruder - 1990-1991
Frankie Smith - 1993
Gene Atkins - 1994-1996
Ray Hill - 1998-2000
Travis Minor - 2002-2006
Jesse Chatman - 2007
Brannon Condren - 2008
Gibril Wilson - 2009
Nolan Carroll - 2010-2013
Knowshon Moreno - 2014

Most Recent Player

Moreno joined the Dolphins last offseason as a free agent acquisition, and immediately made an impact. He ran for 134 yards on 24 carries in the team's season opener against the New England Patriots, with the Dolphins appearing to have the perfect compliment for Lamar Miller. The next week, however, Moreno suffered a dislocated elbow on his first carry against the Buffalo Bills, missing the next four weeks. He came back in Week 6, only to suffer a torn ACL against the Green Bay Packers and be lost for the remainder of the season.

Name Games Carries Yards YPC TDs
Knowshon Moreno 3 31 148 4.8 1

Best Player

The number 28 has not had a lot of great players to wear it, though it has been a solid number throughout its use. The best player to wear it was likely cornerback Don McNeal, who started at left cornerback for his first four years in the league, then became a key reserve for the team. He played in 110 games in 10 seasons.

Name Games INT FF FR TDs
Don McNeal 110 18 0 5 2