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NFL Draft trades tracker

The third day of the NFL Draft is starting with another early trade. We track all the trades as they happen.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The third day of the NFL Draft has started, and we already have a trade. We keep up with all of the trades right here:

Fourth Round:

New York Jets Jacksonville Jaguars
Receive 103rd pick Receive 104th pick
Receive (7th round)
Carolina Panthers Oakland Raiders
Receive 102nd pick Receive 124th pick
161st pick (5th round)
242nd pick (7th round)

Third Round:

Cleveland Browns New England Patriots
Receive 96th pick
219th pick (7th round)

Receive 111th pick (4th round)
147th pick (5th round)
202nd pick (6th round)

Detroit Lions Minnesota Vikings
Receive 80th pick Receive 88th pick
143rd pick (5th round)
Kansas City Chiefs Minnesota Vikings
Receive 76th pick Receive 80th pick
193rd pick (6th round)
Houston Texans New York Jets
Receive 70th pick Receive 82nd pick
152nd pick (5th round)
229th pick (7th round)
WR Devier Posey
Seattle Seahawks Washington Redskins
Receive 69th pick Receive 95th pick
112th pick (4th round)
167th pick (5th round)
181st pick (6th round)

Second Round:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Indianapolis Colts
Receive 61st pick
128th pick (4th round)
Receive 65th pick (3rd round)
109th pick (4th round)
Baltimore Ravens Arizona Cardinals
Receive 55th pick Receiver 58th pick
158th pick (5th round)
Philadelphia Eagles Miami Dolphins
Receive 47th pick
191st pick (6th round)
Receive 52nd pick
145th pick (5th round)
156th pick (5th round)
Cleveland Browns Houston Texans
Receive 51st pick
116th pick (4th round)
195th pick (6th round)
Receive 43rd pick
229th pick (7th round)
Carolina Panthers St. Louis Rams
Receive 41st pick Receive 57th pick
89th pick (3rd round)
201st pick (6th round)
New York Giants Tennessee Titans
Receive 33rd pick Receive 40th pick
108th pick (4th round)
245th pick (7th round)

First Round:

Detroit Lions Denver Broncos
Receive 28th overall pick
143rd overall pick (5th round)
2016 5th round pick
G Manny Ramirez
23rd overall pick
San Diego Chargers San Francisco 49ers
Receive 15th overall pick Receive 17th overall pick
117th overall pick (4th round)
2016 5th round pick