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Dolphins Draft Results 2015: Grade Miami's Second Round

The Dolphins traded the 42nd and 191st picks to the Philadelphia Eagles. In return, the Dolphins received the 52nd, 145th, and 156th pick. With the 52nd pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the Dolphins selected Jordan Phillips. How would you grade the Dolphins second round?

Brett Deering/Getty Images

The Dolphins now have four fifth round draft choices. They could easily use a couple of those for leverage to move up to the 3rd or 4th round of the draft.

With the 52nd pick, the Dolphins selected defensive tackle, Jordan Phillips.

Now defensive line was not necessarily a need for the Dolphins. But the unit sort of fizzled out as the year went. Teams were finally able to run all over the once proud run defense of this team.

The Dolphins now have two big lineman in the middle with Ndamukong Suh and Phillips.

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Massive frame with long arms. Athletic lower body for a man his size. Read-and-react two-gap nose with ability to eat space and free linebackers. Uses length effectively and was able to split double teams as season wore on. Swim move for quick wins and trips into backfield when Sooners let him penetrate. Athletic with nimble feet and pursuit speed of a man much lighter. Should be able to carry additional muscle and girth.


Scouts consider him a flash player who can dominate a game but will disappear during stretches. Needs to play with better knee bend and lower pad level. Loses some leverage and becomes top-heavy wrestler at times. Not effective as pass rusher. Stalls out early and settles for looking to bat down passes. Doesn't crank up a consistent bull rush. Consistency of motor could be improved.

What are your thoughts on the Dolphins selection? How would you grade the pick?

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