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Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey talks selection of DeVante Parker

Miami Dolphins GM Dennis Hickey spoke to the media about the team's selection of DeVante Parker during Thursday night's first round of the 2015 NFL Draft.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

(Opening Statement) - "We're really happy and thrilled to announce we've selected with the 14th pick, DeVante Parker, receiver, out of Louisville. He's a guy we've had our eye on for a while. We had him in here on a visit and we couldn't be more happy to add him to our Dolphin family and add him to our quality receiving group that we already have, and bring another weapon into our offense."

(On what drew the team to DeVante Parker as a player) - "Well DeVante, obviously he's got size, he's athletic, he has length, he has excellent body control, very good in the red zone, a jump ball target. He's a guy that can stretch the field, who can give you yardage after contact. He brings a lot of things as an outside receiver that we value. He's a guy that loves football and has been a proven performer at the college level from the time he came in."

(On if this pick was the best player available or a pick by need) -"He was absolutely the best player available and when he was still there at 14, there were a lot of high fives. We were excited to make the selection."

(On if there were conversations about moving up to get a wide receiver or someone like him) - "We always talk about all kinds of scenarios leading up to that, but we were happy when we were there at 14 and DeVante was available, and we were excited to make that pick."

(On this receiving corps now with WR Greg Jennings, WR Jarvis Landry, WR Kenny Stills and TE Jordan Cameron) - "We're really excited with the weapons that we have, like you mentioned, and add him to a quality receiving group, and get him into our offense and add a playmaker. That was one of the goals, to add a playmaker to our offense and we're excited to bring him on board."

(On DeVante's health) - "He's ready to go. Obviously, he was cleared by our doctors and should hit it full throttle."

(On how easy it was to make this pick once they were on the clock) - "Well, like I said, he's a guy we'd been following and tracking. We had him in on a visit and he was by far the best player available for us and so that was definitely easy."

(On where they had him overall on their board) - "With that, we rank guys according to how we value them, our Dolphins value. We felt like we were bringing in a quality receiver that can really impact us on the outside, impact us in the red zone, and really add another excellent weapon to our team."