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Dolphins wide receiver DeVante Parker introductory conference call

Miami Dolphins wide receiver DeVante Parker held his introductory press conference with the Miami media tonight. We have the transcript.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

(On how much he talked to the Dolphins before the draft and if he thought he was going to be selected by the Dolphins) - "I didn't talk to them as much. But I know they really liked me when I came in on my visit. I'm just proud to be a Miami Dolphin and I'm looking forward to this season. I'm glad the Miami organization picked me to be a part of their family."

(On what he feels he is going to bring to the Miami Dolphins) - "A big, strong physical wide receiver who will do whatever the coaches tell me to do and listens."

(On what other teams showed interest in him down the stretch) - "The (Minnesota) Vikings did. The (Tennessee) Titans. That's really it right there."

(On what his pre-draft visit to the Miami Dolphins was like) - "It was a real good visit. They brought me in like I was already part of the team, like I was a rookie. I just loved it."

(On if anything stood out for him specifically about the visit) - "We just did short passes, memorized some formations and plays. That stood out for me."

(On if he has watched QB Ryan Tannehill and his thoughts on him) - "I don't really watch that much of him. I know that he has a strong arm and he is a very good quarterback. I'm looking forward to catching passes from him."

(On already living down in Miami due to his training at Bommarito Performance and coming back to a familiar environment) - "I think it'd be pretty nice since I've been training with Bommarito to get ready for the next season. I'm just looking forward to it."

(On the adjustment period to the NFL level from college to pro) -"The defenders will probably be more physical and stronger than they were in college. I'm looking forward to that type of coverage and competition."

(On the run after the catch portion of his game) - "That is probably my best attribute that I have. I believe I can get up field, north and south."

(On what makes him so valued as a red zone threat) - "I think my ability to find the football and to always come down with it. It is something that comes natural to me."

(On how he was able to come back strong after his injury last season) - "When I first came back it bothered me a little bit, but as I went on later in the season my foot felt 100 percent, so there were no problems with that."

(On how he was able to play so well through his injury) - "I just didn't let it bother me. My team needed me. I just had to come and play and be strong, just fight through it, fight through the pain. It worked out in the end."

(On his thoughts about the Dolphins receiver group) - "I think we've got a really good receiving corps. Just throw the ball to any one of us and we'll do something with it."

(On his thoughts about coming to live in Miami) - "That's been my dream home ever since I came out of college. I always wanted to live in Miami, so I'm looking forward to it."

(On his night and who he watched the draft with) - "I'm in Chicago, so I was back in the green room with my family, they were all around me, experiencing the moment."

(On who is his agent) - "Jimmy Gould."