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An endorsement of a wide receiver to the Miami Dolphins

The 2015 NFL Draft is here, and with it comes an opportunity to endorse a prospect at No. 14 overall. However, I've decided to go off the grid this year, as I believe a wide receiver is in Miami's future.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins currently sit at No. 14 overall in tonight's NFL Draft. However, I believe that general manager Dennis Hickey and Executive VP of Football Operations Mike Tannenbaum have a trick or two up their sleeve.

All I have is a belief that the Dolphins are hot to trot about a receiver in this year's draft, and could move out of the No. 14 overall pick in order to secure his services. It's just a hunch on my part—I make no promises regarding anything in this post. However, if you have a young, franchise-caliber quarterback like Ryan Tannehill, you owe it to him, your team and fans to get him the weapons he needs to get needs to take his game to the next level, which will, in turn, bring the Miami Dolphins to the next level. Is all of that worth an all-in move toward a receiver in tonight's draft? I believe so, yes.

If it's me, the pick is Louisville's DeVante Parker. However, if it's for West Virginia's Kevin White, consider me a fan. Ditto with Alabama's Amari Cooper. Sensing a trend here? Any of the big three will do just fine in Miami's rapid fire offense.