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Analyzing Potential Round 1 Trades for the Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins have made bold moves this offseason. Will they continue that trend into the draft, or will they look to fill as many holes as possible on the roster?

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The Dolphins are close to contending, and teams in the AFC East know it. The addition of Ndamukong Suh provides a game changer on defense. He makes the pass rush better, he makes the secondary better and makes life for the linebackers that much easier. He's worth the money.

However, there are still some areas that the team could address.  While Suh makes things better for the linebackers, this group is very thin and could use an upgrade at either inside or outside linebacker, depending on where the team view Koa Misi's best position is.

On offense, a dynamic, big play wide receiver could potentially terrorize the opposition (especially the New England Patriots, with the loss of Darrelle Revis).

The question is, do the front office make a bold move to help get this team over the playoff hump?  Or do they look to solidify multiple positions with promising players that won't necessarily make a big impact in year one?

Lets take a look at the trade possibilities for the team heading into Thursday.

Trade up

Pick # 2 - Tennessee Titans

Do the Titans really view Zach Mettenberger as the answer?  If they do, that's a tremendous roll of the dice and is a sure-fire way to get both the head coach and the general manager sacked at the end of the season. If the team really wanted Marcus Mariota, they would come out and say it.  Simple.  For me, a trade will happen, but it won't be the Dolphins.  This is too high to grab one of the top wide receivers.  Keep an eye on the Philadelphia Eagles and the Cleveland Browns here.

Pick # 4 - Oakland Raiders

Should Miami move up here, they would more than likely have their choice of either Kevin White or Amari Cooper.  Both teams made a trade when the Dolphins selected Dion Jordan in 2013, so a deal could happen again. General manager Reggie McKenzie is always open to a trade on draft day.  The team seemingly have their quarterback in Derek Carr, but sorely need to add talent across their entire roster. The Raiders have drafted well the past couple of years, and could find some hidden gems later in the draft.  But will Miami's 1st and 2nd round picks be enough?  Would the team sanction more to move up?

Pick # 5 - Washington Redskins

If Miami want to take either White or Cooper, this may be their last chance to do it. First-year General Manager Scot McCloughan has been open about the possibility of trading down in the media.  He has not hidden the fact he'd love to convert the team's seven picks into ten picks.  Come draft day, Washington will be open for business in trade talks.

Pick # 10 - St. Louis Rams

The only way I see the Dolphins trading up here, is if they are all in on Davonte Parker and are seriously worried that the Minnesota Vikings will select him.  Moving up a few places here shouldn't require the team's second round pick.  Both the fourth and the fifth round pick may be sufficient here. For the Rams, the offensive line continues to be a headache for the team. St. Louis could be angling for Brandon Scherff, and he still may be available at # 14.  In this scenario, the Dolphins and Rams still get the players they want.

Recap: The Dolphins are in a potentially attractive position for teams in the top 10 looking to trade down. At pick # 14, a team would still be in a high enough position to land a top quality prospect.  On the flipside of the coin, should a team move outside the top 15, there will be a serious drop in talent unless a team wants to play roulette with prospects that have character concerns.  If the Dolphins want to add a game- changing receiver, this is the year to do it.

Trade down

Pick # 27 - Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys need a running back, and may be willing to trade up to get one.  Recent mock drafts have suggested the Dolphins will select Gurley, but in this scenario the Cowboys get the player.  Trading down here may net the team not only an additional second round pick, but also a later round pick or two.  This position puts the Dolphins right in the mix for a wide receiver like Philip Dorsett or Nelson Agholor, or an inside linebacker like Eric Kendricks.

Recap: Personally, I hope the Dolphins don't trade down here.  How many players outside the top 15 become Pro Bowlers?  Would Dorsett, Agholor and Kendricks all be reaches here?  Could the team actually pass up on the chance to add Todd Gurley or Melvin Gordon?  The team really needs to add talent at a few positions, but shouldn't reach to do it.  Miami would be better off adding elite talent to a certain position, rather than average to above average talent at multiple positions.  That's how you make the playoffs.

Do you believe there are any additional trade possibilities for the team?  Would it be wise to move up or down in the draft?  Lets hear your views!

Alex Parish is an Associate Editor at The Phinsider. Be sure to follow me on Twitter@AlexParish89.